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Daily Archives: January 2, 2017

Donald Trump Threatens Radical Islam


Gozzik Why I Support Donald Trump for President Donald Trump Threatens Radical Islam What a difference a day makes. Donald Trump, after officially claiming the White House, did something Barack Obama never did in 8 years. And the whole world is cheering. After dual Islamic terror attacks hit yesterday, the …

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Putin Humiliates Barack Obama


After all Obama’s tough talk about Russian hacking, the whole world expected Obama to hit back. And hit back hard. Now, this could have been a sticky situation what with two world powers going at each other. Could have turned very quickly into a major international incident. But because Obama …

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Mike Huckabee Threatens Hollywood Liberals


Gozzik “If snarky late night comics and pompous music stars keep alienating their audiences with angry, leftist political diatribes, they might eventually find themselves performing on street corners for spare change, next to some smelly guy who’s been out there holding a sign reading ‘The World Is Coming To An …

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