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Sean Hannity Smacks Down Obama


Sean Hannity is a voice of sanity in the media wilderness. After Obama gave his farewell speech the media went over the moon. Fawning, crying, cheerleading. It was a disgusting display of partisanship from our supposedly independent press. But thankfully a few media members resisted the call of the lemming …

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Judge Jeanine Opens “Justice With Judge Jeanine” With Critics For Rosie O’Donell, John Lewis and Maxine Waters


Judge Jeanine really owned Saturday’s night ”Justice with Judge Jeanine” show.She spoke about Rossie O’Donnell and her encouragement for the Marshall law. Congressman John Lewis earned his place in her discussion, and Jeanine criticized him for calling Trump’s presidency illegitimate. She spoke about Congresswoman Maxine Waters who refused to even …

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Krauthammer Speaks His Mind About Democrat Activities During Obama’s Last Days Of Presidency


Charles Krauthammer has a few words about all the s*** that is happening at the moment. According to him, Democrats are “trying to leave behind as many landmines as they can” to delegitimize President-elect Donald Trump. He talked about Obama’s commissioning of the report on Russia’s interference in presidential elections. Krauthammer also …

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Trump Shows That Nobody Can Bribe Him!


There are types of people that simply can’t understand that money isn’t the only source of happiness, but our President-elect Donald Trump is going to step in and show them. America needs a man like Trump in the white house, that is not afraid to talk or act like a …

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