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Barack & Michelle Obama: We’ve Made America “More Respected” around the World .|


I think that the Obamas must have been comedians in a past life, because they say a lot of very, very funny things. In the President’s most recent weekly address, the two of them actually said that our nation was truly “more respected” around the world today than we were eight years ago! That’s some funny material… I wonder who the President has writing his speeches for him?

President Barack Obama: Merry Christmas everybody! One of the best parts of the holiday season is spending time with the special people in your life. And for me, that means getting some help from my best friend for our annual Christmas Weekly Address.

Michelle Obama: Given how our first Christmas Weekly Address went, I realized that Barack needed all the help he could get. Celebrating the holidays in the White House over these past eight years has been a true privilege. We’ve been able to welcome over half a million guests… our outstanding pastry chefs have baked 200,000 holiday cookies… and Barack has treated the American people to countless dad jokes.

President Barack Obama: Although a few got a…Frosty reception.

Michelle Obama: This year’s White House holiday theme is “The Gift of the Holidays,” and our decorations reflect some of our greatest gifts as a nation: from our incredible military families, to the life-changing impact of a great education.

President Barack Obama: And the greatest gift that Michelle and I have received over the last eight years has been the honor of serving as your President and First Lady. Together, we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years, and got unemployment to a nine-year low. We secured health insurance for another twenty million Americans, and new protections for folks who already had insurance. We made America more respected around the world, took on the mantle of leadership in the fight to protect this planet for our kids, and much, much more.

 By so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we first got here. And I’m hopeful we’ll build on the progress we’ve made in the years to come.

Tomorrow, for the final time as the First Family, we

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