Earlier this week, rumors surfaced out of Trump Tower that Donald Trump did not plan to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her years of illegal activities, most notably her use of a private email server and deleting 33,000 emails.

Sources indicated that Trump planned to let the issue go as a way to let the country “heal” and work beyond the divisiveness. It appears that the sources speaking on this issue were dead wrong.

In a scheduled meeting with the New York Times today, President Elect Donald Trump was asked if he would take prosecuting Hillary Clinton off the table, and he replied “no.”

The comment was released by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in a tweet.

While Trump did indicate that he wanted the country to heal and move on from the election, he realizes that she does deserve to be held accountable for her actions. Hillary Clinton intentionally and deliberatelyobstructed justice and committed perjury on several occasions.

There are two things very important to keep in mind going forward with Trump charging Hillary Clinton.

First, Donald Trump has not ruled anything out. Sources originally indicated that he would not charge Hillary Clinton for deleting 33,000 emails and using a private email server, but he can still charge her with several crimes surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

Secondly, Trump has created an atmosphere of suspicion while he waits to see what Obama will do. There is an old precedent that would allow President Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton before she is charged with any crime. If Obama pardons her, that opens the door for Obama to be exposed.

If Trump were to reveal his plans now before he is sworn in, Democrats would have two months to plan for his move. Trump is using the Art of the Deal and keeping all options open. By doing this, we know that the Clintons are paranoid about what will happen to them after he is sworn into office on January 20th. They will have to contemplate Trump’s decision for months.

It is important to remember that one of Donald Trump’s most supported ideas was to have Hillary prosecuted. If Hillary Clinton can get away with everything she has done, what will stop future politicians from carrying out the same actions and citing the Clinton Precedent?

Hillary Clinton deserves prison, and it appears that Trump’s administration still plans to hold her accountable for her decades of corruption. He is playing a cat and mouse game with Democrats. He will attack when the best opportunity presents itself.

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