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Muslims Attack Christian Area, Slaughter The Pastors And Butcher The Christians, They Then Tell Them: “We Will Kill The Christians, We Will Bomb Your Churches And Kill Every Christian In The City,” One Christian Escapes And Travels To England. Now The British Government Is Going To Deport Him


When ISIS Muslims invaded Mosul, they slaughtered and butchered the priests and the Christians, and it was an absolute horror. There was a 25 year old Christian, named Sarmad Ozan, who managed to escape. His brother had become a priest, and after his ordination his family received this threat: We …

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Massachusetts Judge Forces American Christian Woman To Go To Mosque And Study Islam For Her “Probation”, Says ‘You Have To Respect People Of The Muslim Faith’


We have been arguing that Islam will not conquer America by war, but through judicial orders. In a case that disturbingly reflects this, an elderly Christian woman landlord who got into a scuffle with a Muslim tenant is being forced to learn about Islam as a part of her probation: …

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