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Donald Trump lost the first presidential debate. And then … this happened.


Donald Trump had a tremendously bad week—and you don’t need to ask us.

Just take a look at some of the headlines he’s received in publications across the nation:





Why, exactly, was Trump’s week called the worst in presidential campaign history?

Here’s just a small sample of what he’s said and done since last Monday:

  1. Lost the first presidential debate of the general election …
  2. … by defending the time he rooted for the housing crisis (“That’s called business”).
  3. … by lying about whether he said climate change was a hoax (he did) and 57 other things.
  4. … by calling the United States a third-world country.
  5. … by demanding “law and order” but having no plans whatsoever for fixing our criminal justice system or bridge racial divides.
  6. … by offering word-salad responses like this one on how we fight cyberterrorism.


  7.  … by claiming that “by far” his strongest asset is his temperament—before launching into another attack on Hillary for not having “the look” or “the stamina” to be president.
  8. … by repeatedly telling the audience to “call Sean Hannity” for proof that he was against the Iraq War.
  9. Blamed his microphone for losing the debate (though the 80 million people who watched on TV could hear nothing wrong).
  10. Continued to publicly shame Miss Universe Alicia Machado, calling into Fox and Friends to say, “She gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.”
  11. Went on an angry tweetstorm in the early hours of the next morning to continue his attack on the former Miss Universe.
  12. … and then, that very day, BuzzFeed reported that Trump had a cameo in a softcore Playboy porn video.
  13. Revealed by Newsweek that his company paid a consultant $68,000 to travel to explore business opportunities, in violation of the U.S. embargo with Cuba—apparently breaking the law.
  14. Was exposed for not having the certifications necessary to solicit money for the Trump Foundation—when just this year he solicited money for veterans (a group he has a history ofstiffing with charitable donations).
  15. Faced this Los Angeles Times article about how managers at his golf course were instructed to fire women who were “not pretty enough” and replace them “with more attractive women.”
  16. Became the first Republican to lose the Arizona Republic’s endorsement in their 120-year history.
  17. … and has yet to land a newspaper endorsement in the general election. (But Hillary has a whole lot.)
  18. Became the first presidential candidate that USA Today has ever warned their readers to vote against, after a 34-year record of impartiality:
  19. Had his estimated net worth downgraded $800 million by Forbes.
  20. Said, once again, that he is “proud” to have been an advocate for birtherism.
  21. Claimed—without any evidence whatsoever—that this election will be rigged.
  22. Mocked Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia with a middle school–style imitation at a campaign rally.
  23. Told a cheering crowd at that rally that “Hillary belongs in jail” (see No. 8 on his best attribute being his temperament).
  24. The New York Times dropped the bombshell that Trump might not have paid federal income taxes for 18 years.

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