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“Fake News!” Donald Trump Just Exposed CNN in a Massive Scandal (Video) ||

I’m sure we can all count on the Fake News Police being all over this one, right? Do we finally have grounds to remove CNN from the public airwaves? How about a compromise? They can stay on the air if they promise to never utter “Fake News” again!

The “Fake News!” chants are getting as bad as the “Bush lied, kids died,” chants were back in the day… Does the hypocrisy EVER end????

oooooh Man! Donald Trump is on fire this week and now he has taken it to a whole different level. Just today, Trump outed CNN for creating a SICK fake news story claiming he would still work with The Apprentice while he is in office!

According to a report by CNN, Trump had been planning on staying on as an Executive Producer and even showing up on the series from time to time while in office. However, Trump is too worried about saving our country to work on some dumb TV show.

However, he did take the time to expose CNN’s lies with 2 Tweets that have been taking the internet by STORM!


The rumor all started when Kellyanne Conway came on a CNN show where talked about Obama’s golf habit and JOKED that maybe Trump could do the same thing but with Celebrity Apprentice instead of golfing.

“perhaps he will consider staying on [with The New Celebrity Apprentice].Were we so concerned about the hours and hours and hours spent on the golf course of the current president?”

See? A JOKE! Of course, CNN decided to run it as a story saying Trump would DEFINITELY still be a presence on the show even while in office. CRAZY!

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