Counter-Strike 2 players discover “game-breaking” wallbangs on Nuke

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Counter-Strike 2 players have discovered several “game-breaking” wallbang locations on the newly reintroduced Nuke map.

Counter-Strike 2 recently received a new patch on June 30, 2023, which added some new content to the game like a Casual game mode, and reintroduced two maps with Nuke and Office.

However, it’s important to note that both Nuke and Office are classified as Upgrade maps, meaning they’ve essentially just received some lighting and texture changes as opposed to being reworked from the ground up.

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Unfortunately, it seems Valve may have to give at least Nuke a bit more attention as some CS2 players have discovered some “game-breaking” wallbang locations on the newly added map.

Counter-Strike 2 player highlights wallbang locations on Nuke

Counter-Strike content creator and streamer austincs made a YouTube video called “CS2 Nuke is Paper Thin,” where he highlighted several different locations he and fellow player Loagurt found where players could take advantage of some devastating wallbangs.

For those who may not know, a “wallbang” occurs when a player shoots through a wall in a game and is able to kill an enemy player on the other side without ever having to see them.

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Austincs opened up his video by claiming that “Right now CS2 has some pretty game-breaking wallbangs, and if I showed you this right here you’d probably be a little concerned…” During this clip, the streamer fired a Scar-20 into a door frame on Nuke, which passed through a wall all the way into Trophy Room.

The streamer event went as far as to call Counter-Strike 2’s Nuke “basically 1.6 at this point.” Counter-Strike fans will know that 1.6 was the latest version of the original Counter-Strike which was notorious for how easy it was to wallbang in nearly every map.

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Austincs highlighted several different spots where Sniper shots would penetrate up to 5 walls with an AWP. Even weapons like the Negev can be spammed through walls, peppering unsuspecting players traveling through doors.

The CS2 content creator’s video highlights a variety of different spots, so players interested in learning more should check out the full video. However, considering the current state of Nuke’s wallbangs, this could very well be something Valve may need to look into in the near future.

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