Counter-Strike fans amazed as CS2’s Inferno remake is leaked

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Following the latest update to the CS2 limited playtest, images of the overhauled Inferno map from CS:GO have been found in the game files. The changes to one of Counter-Strike’s most iconic maps have blown players away.

Despite its enduring popularity for the better part of two decades, one criticism that could be levied at Counter-Strike is its rather unchanged status in all that time. Maps, modes, and mechanics have all been pretty steady, although this is also how players like it.

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But, with CS2, Valve is taking some big leaps, as the Source 2 engine allows for a complete overhaul of the Counter-Strike foundations. So far, we’ve seen this most clearly through the visuals, as maps look much more up to modern standards.

Inferno, one of the most-played maps in CS history, had remained mostly under wraps other than a glimpse in the early trailers. These new images of the map have caught players by surprise, with a mostly positive reception.

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Inferno in Counter-Strike 2

Shared by Counter-Strike enthusiast PDylan on Twitter, four new stills of Inferno reveal both bombsites, T Spawn, and Church//Ruins/Construction.

Although, the call-outs of ‘Ruins’ and ‘Construction’, which date back to the earlier versions of the map, will need to be thrown out, as the Church is now fully refurbished, complete with incredible new lighting.

The entire map has been given a facelift, with new structures for the buildings, an entirely redesigned fountain on B, and of course, the gorgeous Italian church.

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One of the most significant gameplay changes seen in the screenshots is graveyard on A site. One of the most powerful positions in CS:GO, the wall which covers the stairway is now gone, making this no longer a great hiding spot for CTs – or Ts in the post plant.

One of the primary complaints about Inferno in CS2 is how difficult site retakes are, often forcing teams into saves, even in man-advantage situations like 3v2. This is particularly the case when the bomb is planted A, so these changes may be an attempt to address this.

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CS:GO players react to Inferno changes

Commenters on the r/GlobalOffensive subreddit were largely positive about the changes, with comments like “this looks insane” and “I love it.”

Twitch streamer fl0m reacted, “Ok this is unreal.”

However, it wasn’t unanimous. Some were critical of the new ‘theme’ of the map, perhaps a departure from the quaint Italian village to what one player called “sand-themed maps.”

This was a sticking point for numerous people, with one commenting, “Really not a fan of how A site looks but everything else looks nice! I just think it would look much better with tile instead of sand.”

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“This is probably a lot better for player visibility but the blandness of the color palette is disappointing,” another player argued. “It looks like they Dust2’d it.”

Inferno is not playable yet in the CS2 playtest, with Nuke and Office currently in rotation. Overpass and Ancient are the next maps predicted to be added.

Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t have an exact release date yet either, but the plan for Summer 2023 is still in place.

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