Counter-Strike 2 June 16 patch notes: Zeus skins, visual improvements, bug fixes, more


Counter-Strike 2 has just released a new patch notes, here is all you need to know of the June 16 patch which has added a Zeus workshop submission list for Zeus skins, some visual improvements, and bug fixes. 

We are in the twilight days of CSGO as Valve gears up for Counter-Strike 2’s summer release in the coming months. As a result, we have been getting quite a few patch notes from Valve in a effort to polish the beta as much as possible. 

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In the latest batch of patch notes, we have gotten a update the future Zeus skins coming into the game, some visual improvements to weapons, and bug fixes. 

So here is all you need to know of the Counter-Strike 2 June 16 patch notes.

Counter-Strike 2 June 16 patch notes


  • Fixed auto rebuy not working if you survived through the Deathmatch warmup
  • Pressing the jump key to respawn in Deathmatch no longer results in an actual jump
  • The buy menu now closes on right mouse button down instead of up
  • Refunds are now correctly accounted for when tracking total money spent by user
  • Fixed bad kerning in accolade descriptions
  • Fixed aspect ratio for workshop submission screenshot
  • Carious improvements to the look of the M249, MP5-SD, Desert Eagles, Dual Elites, and Tazer/Zeus x27
  • Addes Zeus x27 to workshop submission weapon list



  • Various map fixes

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