Hogwarts Legacy’s free PS Plus Premium game trial is pitifully short

Hogwarts legacy ps plusWB Games, Sony

Hogwarts Legacy now has a free game trial available for PS Plus Premium members, but its short length won’t let players experience much.

WB Games initially launched Hogwarts Legacy on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series platforms this past February. A last-gen version didn’t hit PS4 and Xbox One consoles until early May.

Still, it took another several weeks for WB Games and Sony to unleash a free game trial for PS Plus Premium subscribers.

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While a playable preview of the Hogwarts-set adventure seems like a good way to reel in those who’ve yet to try the game, there’s a catch that may have some Premium subscribers second-guessing the option.

Hogwarts Legacy’s PS Plus Premium trial may not be worth it

PS4 and PS5 owners subscribed to PlayStation Plus Premium can now play a game trial for WB Games’ latest hit.

However, there’s a problem – one that WB and Sony seemed to have not considered. The game’s trial comes with a time limit lasting less than an hour; it runs for 45 minutes, to be exact.

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Such time constraints may work well for certain types of experiences, perhaps racing games and sports sims. Yet, 45 minutes isn’t nearly long enough to get the feel for a vast open-world adventure.

This especially holds true for Hogwarts Legacy, since the opening sequence can last so long that many players may not make it into the eponymous castle before the PS Plus timer goes off.

WB Games

This Hogwarts Legacy demo may not offer much as a whole, but there does exist one upside. Players who finish the PS Plus game trial and buy the full game can expect their progress to carry over between the two.

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Hogwarts Legacy is already available across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, though Nintendo Switch users have a longer wait ahead of them. The Switch port arrives this fall on November 14.

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