Best Hogwarts Legacy mods to download: Spellcasting, performance, cheats & more

Hogwarts Legacy modsAvalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy is still insanely popular and thousands of players are still enjoying their journey. To make the game even more wacky and wonderful, here are the best mods to download in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mods are a great way to adapt a game to your liking, whether it’s for comedic purposes or to simply make it work better for your playstyle, and that’s no different in Hogwarts Legacy.

In an open-world game filled with puzzles, exciting characters, and multiple locations to explore, modding is instantly popular, especially when it’s used to help players solve puzzles or get around easily.

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However, sifting through countless pages to find the best mods for Hogwarts Legacy can be rather overwhelming, so we’ve put together a curated list of our recommendations and how to install them in the game, so you can get back to playing.

Mods are downloaded and installed at your own risk, your Hogwarts Legacy account could be suspended.


How to install mods in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy HippogriffAvalanche Software
Mods can help make your game hilarious, or work better for you.

Installing mods in Hogwarts Legacy can be tricky, but there are a few ways to do it, and you’ll need to visit an external website to get them.

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How to install mods via Nexus Mods

One of the main websites you can use is Nexus Mods. They’re reliable and have a great selection to download. Simply follow these steps to get a mod from this site into your game:

  1. Choose a mod to your liking.
  2. Download that mod.
  3. Follow the instructions on that page, as every mod is different in how it’s embedded into the game.

Alternatively, if there are no instructions, then you’ll need to follow these steps after downloading the mod:

  1. Find the game file on your PC
  2. Open up Phoenix then Content then Paks
  3. Move the unzipped mod folder into the Paks folder
  4. Load up your game.

It’s worth making a backup of your game just in case any problems occur and you lose your save.

Ascendio Hogwarts Legacy mod

Hogwarts Legacy modSeifu
Help your frames per second with this handy mod.

Currently, one of the most reported issues around Hogwarts Legacy is its FPS drops. Countless PC players are facing unexplained drops in the game framerate, causing crashes and general frustration.

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Luckily, until Hogwarts Legacy releases a fix, there’s a mod to help fix those frustrating framerate drops. The mod itself will grant your game a performance boost by applying Unreal Engine parameters to help the game run more smoothly.

WeMod Cheats Hogwarts Legacy mod

As it typically goes with WeMod and fans of games like GTA, this system will allow players to access cheats like unlimited health, free items, one-hit kills and so much more.

If you’re looking for an easy way to toggle certain cheats on and off without putting in too much effort, WeMod is the mod for you.

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It’s worth noting that this mod is only available for Steam and Epic Games players to use.

Arithmancy Number Marking Hogwarts Legacy mod

Hogwarts Legacy door modMissingMinus
Solve the puzzles with ease thanks to this mod.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with puzzles, from its doors to its chests and Demiguise Statues to find. Another of these puzzles is the Arthimancy Math Puzzle Doors. These can be extremely tricky if you don’t know how to open them.

So, if you’re still a little lost after our guide or if you just prefer to find a mod to solve it for you, the Arithmancy Number Marking Mod is perfect for you.

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Hogwarts Legacy Realism Overhaul Reshade mod

Hogwarts Legacy is far from a bad-looking game with the right PC settings on, but sometimes you just want a little more reflection, light, and beauty as you head around Hogwarts.

For that, you’ll want to download the Hogwarts Legacy Realism Overhaul Reshade mod. It’ll provide a nice realistic design to your game without changing the way it works, making it perfect for those wanting to give Hogwarts Legacy a little graphical boost.

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Smaller UI Hogwarts Legacy mod

Hogwarts Legacy small Ui modR457
Enjoy the world around you without a large UI in the way.

An open-world exploration game like Hogwarts Legacy can draw a player in, keeping them engrossed in the story and enthralled by the expansive world around them. However, a large UI can easily draw them straight back out. After all, no one wants a cluttered screen when flying through Hogwarts.

The Smaller UI mod will help eliminate those frustrations, drastically making your screen clearer while ensuring you still have all the UI you need.

Mouse gesture to spell Hogwarts Legacy mod

Sure, casting spells using the bound buttons on your keyboard is great for speedy spells, but it doesn’t really feel like you’re actually casting them.

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Luckily, if you feel the same way, there’s a mod that programs your mouse into your wand, allowing you to use the gestures you learn to cast whatever spell you want. It may be a little more complicated, but few can deny how fun it is to wave your mouse around your desk like a wand.

Companions Hogwarts Legacy mod

With Hogwarts Legacy being a single-player experience, wandering around Hogwarts or its grounds can get a little lonely at times. So, why not use a companions mod to have both a bit of help in battles and a friend to explore with?

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Essentially, the Companions Mod will allow players a companion to explore with, ranging from professors to classmates, and even Omnis Gaunt. They will be able to follow you, cast Lumos, fight, and enter battle arenas.

First-person and customizable cameras Hogwarts Legacy mod

Hogwarts Legacy first person modYouYouTheBoxx
Truly become your character with this first-person mod.

Sure, Hogwarts Legacy looks fantastic on its own, even if it is third person – but sometimes you just want to feel even more enveloped in the game and truly feel like the character you’ve created.

This is where the first-person mod comes in. It might not be perfect yet but it allows you to truly feel part of the world around you and will give each player a chance to make sure their camera is exactly how they like it.

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Those are all the best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy as well as how you can install them into your own game. While waiting for your Hogwarts Legacy game to finish loading with your new mod, take a look at some of our other handy guides and content to help you be the best Witch or Wizard you can be:

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