Hogwarts Legacy players uncover hidden voice lines from possible companions feature

sebastian and poppy in hogwarts legacyAvalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy seems to have had an official companions feature scrapped prior to release – and fans are hopeful that it might return in the form of DLC.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most successful games of this generation, selling over 12 million copies despite a boycott attempt, but it seems like Warner Bros had even more planned for the wizard game.

Although Hogwarts Legacy is a single-player adventure, the game features several side characters that fans adore, and through the use of PC mods, they’re able to go on quests with you.

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Amazingly, by using the companions mod, players have unearthed special voice lines hidden away for Sebastian, Natty, Poppy, and other students at the school.

Hogwarts Legacy companion mode voice lines discovered

In posts on TikTok, user ‘miss__soapy’ revealed all the different companion voice lines that pop up during the ‘Ghosts of Our Love’ and ‘Well, Well, Well’ side missions.

Sure enough, the dialogue is complete and seems to suggest that the devs had bigger plans for the friendships you can make at Hogwarts.

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It’s not clear exactly why the mode was scrapped, but players are hoping that it will be officially added in some capacity down the road.

“I wonder if they might give us the companion system in a future update? From what y‘all post, it seems like the companion system was almost done but they scrapped it last minute,” one commented on Reddit.

“I would guess that if we see a companions feature that it’d be specific to some new DLC area or only for DLC quests, rather than work it back into the whole base game. But I could be wrong on all counts,” another said.

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Sadly, it doesn’t seem like any downloadable content is in the works for Hogwarts Legacy, but with WB having plans for sequels in the Harry Potter franchise, it could very well play a factor in the next installment.

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