Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player finds genius way to cheese Spawn of Oggdo boss

jedi survivor oggdo bossEA/Lucasfilm Games

A Star Wars Jedi: Survivor player who grew tired of defeat found a brilliant way to take on the menacing Spawn of Oggdo boss.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is home to 13 “Legendary Adversaries,” difficult boss enemies scattered across the locations of Koboh, Jedha, and Coruscant.

While none of these battles are required to complete the main story, each one must be defeated to unlock the “I’m a Living Legend” Trophy/Achievement.

Naturally, every boss fight is tough in its own right, but a few of them demand more skill than others from players. The Spawn of Oggdo adversary on Koboh counts as one such challenge.

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Jedi Survivor player eliminates Oggdo boss with one neat trick

After repeatedly dying at the hands – or disturbingly long tongue – of the Spawn of Oggdo, Redditor Anonymous_SG28 decided to employ a new tactic. That tactic relied on the fury of two Bedlam Smashers.

Before entering the Oggdo creature’s pit in Fort Kah’lin, the Reddit user climbed up the ridge to the left and found two hammer-wielding brutes. The player used Force Lift to raise the pair midair, then kept lifting and pushing them until both finally landed in the giant frog creature’s domain.

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While the video below doesn’t show the fight in full, it’s clear the Bedlam Smashers were at least able to considerably whittle down the Oggdo’s health meter.

Apparently, this is somewhat of a popular method for defeating Jedi Survivor’s frustratingly tough Oggdo boss. “I did the same,” one person wrote, adding, “NO SHAME.” A few others chimed in to say they similarly recruited the help of Bedlam Smashers.

One person reasoned that it’s a good tactic given the unfairness of the battle itself. “I think it’s completely fair to find exploits around a boss that is actually unfair.”

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Others said they simply went the route of dropping the game difficulty down to “Story Mode” after several attempts. Evidently, some parts of Jedi Survivor require much more than player skill.