WoW devs aren’t fixing accidental nerf to Scalecommander Sarkareth boss difficulty

wow scalecommander sarkarth nerfBlizzard Entertainment

WoW developers went too far with the Scalecommander Sarkareth boss fight nerf, but have no intention of correcting their mistake.

The damage dealt by Scalecommander Sarkareth’s devastating Oblivion ability in World of Warcraft used to total a devastating 15,830. Earlier this week, Blizzard pushed out a hotfix to nerf the damage output by no more than 10 percent.

Following the patch, however, players noticed the boss’ Oblivion attack now does 10,619 damage, translating to a 33 percent reduction. This overcorrection makes Scalecommander Sarkareth a bit easier to take down in the long run.

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But does Blizzard plan on walking back its overnerf of the usually high-powered attack? Apparently not.

WoW devs won’t fix Scalecommander Sarkareth’s boss nerf

PCGamesN notes that a post from a Community Manager on Blizzard Forums reveals what the studio plans to do about the so-called overnerf to Scalecommander Sarkareth’s Oblivion ability.

According to said post, the team has every intention of leaving the ability’s damage output as it currently stands. The message to fans reads in part,

“As many players have noted, yesterday’s hotfixes 38 included a reduction to Scalecommander Sarkareth’s Oblivion on Mythic difficulty that resulted in a much bigger reduction than we originally intended. After deliberating this, we’ve decided to stick with the actual value that has now been live in the game since that hotfix…”

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wow Scalecommander Sarkareth nerfBlizzard Entertainment

Without a change to the nerf, WoW’s Scalecommander Sarkareth battle should be at least somewhat easier to tackle.

As a key villain in Dragonflight, this is one Elite character every owner of the expansion will have to battle once. Whether or not it’s good that he’s been nerfed will be left for players to determine.

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