Blizzard confirms WoW’s Dragonriding will be available beyond Dragon Isles

wow dragonridingBlizzard

Blizzard Entertainment recently said the Dragonriding mechanic featured in WoW Dragonflight will eventually be added to the main game.

Dragonriding became available in late 2022 when Blizzard rolled out World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion. It proved an exciting addition to the MMO, one that instantly drew applause from fans.

For the time being, however, the ability to fly winged beasts has its fair share of limitations, given that the mechanic only works in Dragonflight zones.

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But dataminers recently uncovered evidence suggesting the feature will no longer be exclusive to the Dragon Isles. Blizzard has officially confirmed that developers are working on such a possibility.

WoW’s Dragonriding feature is coming to the main game

A developer recently noted in a Blizzard forums post that the team aims to introduce dragonriding to areas beyond the Dragon Isles. In addition, Blizzard also hopes to increase the number of rideable mounts.

While addressing the aforementioned datamine, one developers stated the following: “As data-miners have guessed, we are indeed working on dragonriding outside of the Dragon Isles and broadening the set of mounts that can dragonride.”

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The Blizzard developer acknowledged that the WoW Dragonriding information was uncovered via game files for Fractures in Time.

As such, the team expects there to be future examples of “content that is a work-in-progress becoming visible to dataminers in test environments.”

World of Warcraft Dragonflight

What the post doesn’t mention is when exactly Dragonriding will become available to other parts of WoW. Depending on how far along the project is in development, the wait for the feature could last for a while.

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That’s not all World of Warcraft fans have to look forward to, though. Blizzard recently announced that WoW Classic will soon play host to a fan-made hardcore mode.

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