WoW Classic to get official hardcore mode servers in future patch

World of Warcraft Classic AlduarBlizzard

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard has announced that WoW Classic will be implementing the fan-made Hardcore mode in an official capacity very soon.

World of Warcraft is easily one of Blizzard’s biggest successes. The monumental MMO has paved the way for the company, and become one of the giants of the genre that still stands tall to this day. Modern WoW is still well underway as its most recent expansion Dragonflight just received Patch 10.1.

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However, players who have yearned for the older days of WoW have found themselves on World of Warcraft Classic, which features the game in a slightly older iteration.

Blizzard is now looking to change up the classic version of WoW by introducing new servers specifically for hardcore mode.

Hardcore mode is exactly what you’d think. One life, no mistakes. If you die in hardcore mode, your character will remain as a ghost without the ability to be revived. You’ll still be able to log in, however, in order to message or transfer guild leaderships, but you’d have to start over again if you’d like to interact with the world once again.

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This mode will obviously be for the toughest of players, ones who know the game well enough to survive. However, we do know that a dueling system known as Mak’Gora will be included in these hardcore servers. Mak’Gora or “duel of honor” will feature a fight to the death between two players, in which the loser will remain dead and the winner claim the glory of victory.

Blizzard has stated that these new hardcore servers will be completely different from previous ones, with no older server being transformed into a hardcore one.

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Whilst we don’t quite know when these hardcore servers will be reaching live, we’ll be sure to update you on all the latest information here.

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