Blizzard bans players for griefing Asmongold in WoW Classic


Asmongold has previously criticized Blizzard for not taking action against players griefing him, but it seems that the company is now doing just that in WoW Classic.

When it comes to harassment in video games, Blizzard, unfortunately, carries an extensive bad reputation for its lack of action taken against guilty players. Many fans have tried to publicly criticize the game’s team for this, including popular content creators.

Well-known streamer Asmongold has spoken out before about Blizzard’s inability to properly moderate its games, specifically World of Warcraft. He has compared their moderation to that of other games, such as Final Fantasy XIV or New World, stating that Blizzard is the only company incapable of taking action.

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It seems that both Asmongold and the World of Warcraft community’s prayers may have been answered by Blizzard as they have recently been cracking down on those found guilty of griefing. WoW Classic’s Hardcore gaming mode is difficult enough to traverse without such people.

Blizard is banning Asmongold griefers in WoW Classic

Asmongold’s sheer popularity makes it unsurprising that people from all over the world will regularly try and interfere with his gameplay as he streams. Other players often try and interfere with his Hardcore run attempts, following him around and sniping enemies to steal experience.

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Generally, Asmongold stays calm despite the constant trolling, stating that he wants to avoid encouraging the griefers with any reactive rage. He does, however, take such moments to criticize Blizzard’s lack of moderation. The streamer even admits to griefing in the past, citing a lack of consequences as his reason.

Blizzard seems to be taking a turn for the better now, thankfully, as another WoW streamer known as Savix has admitted to sending the clips of Asmongold dealing with players trolling him directly to Blizzard. According to him, Blizzard responded promptly that they would be taking action.

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In a clip showcasing the situation unfolding, screenshots shared by Savix are shown displaying players admitting to receiving permanent bans for griefing. One person shared proof of their ban, writing, “It’s over, guys.” The player in question said his character was gone and that Blizzard had “permabanned” him.

Asmongold responded to players finally being banned for griefing him, laughing and saying that “maybe we should give Blizzard another chance then.” He continued, stating that, “If the griefers are gonna get banned, then maybe I should keep playing.”

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Hopefully, this marks the beginning of Blizzard taking better and quicker action against players causing problems in-game or harassing others. Famous streamers like Asmongold may just be what it takes to make the company truly take note of its problems.