Is Minecraft subreddit shutting down?

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Minecraft‘s primary subreddit has seen a dramatic shift after the developers release a statement detailing their withdrawal from the page – but is the Minecraft subreddit shutting down?

It’s no secret that Reddit has been going through some major shifts since the beginning of 2023, with multiple subreddits boycotting in response to planned changes to the Reddit API. As a result, many popular pages shut down and refused to reengage until alterations were made by the team at Reddit.

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The boycott was ended in mid-June after a leaked memo was released detailing the developer’s plans to go ahead with the changes despite the protests. However, the impact of these changes didn’t stop there, with the developers on the Minecraft subreddit posting a statement detailing how they “no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer our players to” – but does that mean the end of the Minecraft subreddit?

Is the Minecraft subreddit shutting down?

Minecraft movieMojang

No, despite the details in the post, the Mojang developers will no longer be posting “official content” or engaging with players like they used to. Rather than posting their regular changelogs and engaging with the playerbase, the developers behind Minecraft will be stepping back from the page and no longer supporting the subreddit.

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In their post, they detailed their reasoning and what action they’ve taken: “As you have no doubt heard by now, Reddit management introduced changes recently that have led to rule and moderation changes across many subreddits. Because of these changes, we no longer feel that Reddit is an appropriate place to post official content or refer our players to. We want to thank you for all the feedback and discussion you’ve participated in in past changelog threads. You are of course welcome to post unofficial update threads going forward.”

Such a statement only details that the developers are leaving the subreddit, meaning players can still post on the page and act as normal, just without the input or additions of Mojang.

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