Minecraft movie: Release window, cast & everything we know

Minecraft movieMojang

The Minecraft movie is officially in development and even has a big-name actor attached to the project. Without further ado, here is everything we know about the upcoming video game adaptation and what fans expect to see from the project.

Video game movie and TV show adaptations have never been more popular. Between the Super Mario Bros. movie, The Last of Us, and others, the success of these projects has well and truly broken the mold for the idea that video game adaptations can’t be successful and received well critically as well.

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However, one video game that many may be shocked to hear is being adapted for the big screen is Minecraft. While it is one of the most successful video games of all time, the design and gameplay doesn’t exactly lend itself to a feature-length movie.

At least, not in the way that a more conventionally cinematic game does.

Minecraft movieMojang / Crocs
Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time

However, a Minecraft movie has been confirmed to be in the works, so here is everything we know about the project so far.

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Minecraft movie casting: Who will star in the project?

While it is still early days in the development of the Minecraft movie, there is already one big-name actor who is interested in joining the project. The actor in question being Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Mamoa.

Back in April 2022, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Mamoa will star in the Minecraft film. Previously, it was heavily rumored that Steve Carell would be the lead, however, this casting has now been debunked.

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Be sure to check back in with this section for all the latest casting news and updates as they flow through.

Minecraft movie release date: Prediction and rumors

The Minecraft movie has a tentative release date of April, 2025. The Minecraft movie was first confirmed to be in development by Warner Bros. back in 2014. Despite being almost a 10-year process already, the film is likely to still be a few years away from release.

However, we’ll be sure to keep this section updated when a more specific timeframe for the Minecraft movie release is confirmed.

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Minecraft movie plot: What will the film be about?

This is arguably the biggest question that fans of the game have about the upcoming Minecraft movie adaptation. Given that the game has no real plot and is essentially a building block simulator, the idea of bringing that universe to the big screen and turning it into a story-driven project is a bold concept.

Minecraft movieMojang / Blackbird Interactive
It will be interesting to see how they bring Minecraft to the big screen.

What’s more, it is still yet to be confirmed if the movie will be animated or live-action. With Mamoa attached to the project, fans have begun posting art on Twitter of the actor’s face attached to the box like character players control in the game.

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