Man sentenced after swatting Ubisoft Montreal as revenge for Rainbow Six Siege ban

ubisoft montreal swattingWikimedia Commons/Ubisoft

A French gamer who called in a fake hostage situation at the Ubisoft office in Montreal after he was banned in Rainbow 6 for cheating has been sentenced.

Back in 2020, police swarmed the Ubisoft Montreal building after receiving reports that “dozens” of employees were being held hostage.

After a tense few hours, it was determined that this was all a hoax and the authorities vowed to find the prankster.

Now, 22-year-old Yanni Ouahioune, a notorious Rainbow 6 cheater, who went by the gamer name of ‘Y4nnOXX’ was tried and sentenced in Paris.

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Banned Rainbow Six player sentenced after calling Ubisoft hostage hoax

According to the Montreal Gazette, the trial was split into three separate cases including the situation that unfolded in the Canadian city.

The court ruled that Ouahioune will be sentenced to three years and will need to “compensate” his victim accordingly. He is also required to undergo self-help work and either start working or get training to be able to do so.

However, Ouahioune has already reportedly been receiving psychological treatment for years prior to the crimes he committed.

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The reason for the hoax hostage call stems from Ouahioune being banned multiple times in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

Complex reports that he made the call at his parents’ house and routed the calls from servers in Russia.

In addition to the Ubisoft hoax, he is also charged with a DDoS attack on a government office and making threats against the developers of Minecraft.

This is hardly the first time a ban has caused a gamer to lash out. Zelda Ocarina of Time speedrunner ‘narcissawright’ threatened to “shoot people” at Twitch after she was suspended from the platform.

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