Dream explains why he doesn’t regret face reveal despite putting mask back on

Dream Colin and Samir interviewYouTube: Colin and Samir

YouTube star Dream has explained why he doesn’t regret doing his infamous face reveal despite making the decision to put the mask back on.

Back in October 2022, Minecraft YouTube star Dream uploaded a video revealing his face after years of being behind his iconic mask.

Just eight months later, on June 9, 2023, Dream revealed that he deleted his face reveal video and was going to go back to using the mask he’s been known for all along.

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In an interview with Colin & Samir, Dream explained why he doesn’t regret doing his face reveal despite making the choice to put it back on.

Dream doesn’t regret face reveal

In the interview posted on July 10, 2023, Dream spoke with Colin & Samir about his recent decision to put his mask back on.

The YouTubers asked Dream if he regretted the face reveal, prompting him to explain his thoughts.

“I definitely don’t regret the face reveal. I feel to me it’s like in order to live my life I feel like I had to do the face reveal,” he said.

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“Given the fact I had this mask, I would maybe do things slightly differently but it’s also hard to say that because it could create a chain of events where everything goes different after that.”

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Earlier in the video, Dream also revealed that he takes inspiration for his masked character from Stan Lee’s idea for Spiderman.

With his mask on, Dream can be someone without a specific identity that everyone can find some part to connect with.

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The YouTuber has deleted some of his IRL content since he put the mask back on as well, and it’s unknown if we’ll ever see mask-less Dream in the future.

Regardless though, he’s still been appearing at various events like VidCon.

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