Worlde is being turned into a board game by Hasbro


Wordle is being turned into a board game as The New York Times is licensing it out to games giant Hasbro to create its first ever physical version.

Although many have touted Elden Ring as 2022’s Game of the Year, the gaming market at large may disagree.

Wordle has been one of, if not the, biggest game of the year so far and touts an enormous player base of 300,000 daily players.

The popular web-based word title was purchased by The New York Times back in February 2022, which is now lending the name to Hasbro for the first ever board game based on Wordle.

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wordle game logoNew York Times

Hasbro announces Worlde board game

The new board game is called Wordle: The Party Game, and is slated for an October 1, 2022 release.

Hasbro’s physical version of Wordle will have players guess a five-letter word with up to six chances, as players get clues via color clues mimicking the mobile version’s green and yellow.

Players can play against each other in the “classic” version of the game as they will guess the letters of a word chosen by the “Wordle Host.” Contestants will each take turns as the host.

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There is also a new two vs. two mode which pits teams against each other and as players guess what word their opponent has chosen.

In total, there are four versions to play in the new party game: classic, teams, timed, and fast. Included in the box are a dry-erase board, markers, partitions to prevent cheating, and green and yellow tiles. The Times also created an official Wordle word list to use while picking a five-letter word.

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Wordle: The Board Game will be released at a price point of $19.99.

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