Fans crash D&D Beyond after leaked WoTC email sparks outrage

DnD beyond crashed after fans unsubscribe.Wizards of The Coast

A leaked email detailing Dungeons and Dragons owners, Wizards of the Coast’s position on the controversial OGL 1.1 license has caused outrage among fans, prompting them to mass-unsubscribe from D&D Beyond, forcing the WoTC website to quickly crash.

The initial leak of the new Dungeons and Dragons OLG 1.1 license has caused outrage among fans with many concerned for the future of the roleplaying game and proceeding to implore creators, Wizards of the Coast to reverse the change and keep D&D open to everyone.

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However, in a recent leak from an insider in the company, it was revealed that there are no plans to revoke the controversial change, going as far as to state WoTC are “hoping the community forgets, moves on, and [that] they can still push this through,” further hinting that “the main thing this leadership is looking at is DDB subscriptions cancellations” to measure outrage and their financial success.

The leak reignited the flames of anger among fans and quickly prompted thousands to unsubscribe from their D&D Beyond accounts, thus crashing the site completely.

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Leak claims WoTC see D&D community as an “obstacle to their money” prompting mass protest

The shared leak came from an insider at Wizards of the Coast and highlights the processes the company is taking with the upcoming OGL license. It goes on to explore that WoTC is looking at their profit and success through D&D Beyond subscriptions as “it’s the quickest financial data they currently have.”

Such a statement quickly rallied the unhappy fans and caused thousands to quickly unsubscribe from the D&D Beyond service, to attempt to show their discontent and unwillingness to support the shift.

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Naturally, such a mass of subscriptions caused the website to quickly crash, proving just how many took the step to distance themselves further from the company.

Wizards of the Coast are yet to comment on the leak or the protest and the OGL 1.1 license is still scheduled to go through, despite the delayed rollout.

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