Where to find the Chalice Keycard in Destiny 2 Lightfall

destiny 2 first contact missionBungie

The first mission of the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign requires players to pick up keycards, however, one of them is much harder to find than the rest. The Chalice keycard is particularly elusive and has players in a loop on how to find it.

Destiny 2’s Lightfall campaign has the Guardian passing through the Cabal fleet in order to prevent them from attacking Neomuna. In order to do so, the Guardian must hop from ship to ship, sabotaging their systems and causing them to fail in their plans of destruction.

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Keycards are used by the commanders of the Cabal ships, bordering off areas that the players will need to pass through in order to reach the vitals of the ship. This involves finding various high-ranking Cabal and taking them down so that they can swipe the keycard and be on their merry way.

Players will find a War Beasts key card, which helps them unlock various War Beast-labeled doors, as well as a Conquest/ Axes key card, which does the same. In order to destroy one of the final ships, known as the Astaroth Rex II, players will need to acquire the Chalice keycard, which can be a bit difficult to find. Fortunately, we’ve got a guide on how to do exactly that, so you can prevent further destruction to the city of Neomuna.

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Where to find the Chalice Keycard in “First Contact” for Destiny 2 Lightfall

The Chalice Keycard can be found after diverging from the main path, as it’s blocked off by the Chalice-labeled door. Players will need to turn left or after hitting the door, and enter into a small access point that drops down into an underbelly area.

lightfall chalice door screenshotYouTube: ZaFrostPet
The Chalice Door stands in the way of the destruction of the ship.

Here’s where you’ll find plenty of enemies, and as you keep pushing further underground you’ll come face to face with the Chalice Keymaster. Defeating this enemy will grant you the Chalice Keycard, meaning you can return upstairs to the Chalice door and unlock it, progressing the mission.

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destiny 2 chalice key locationYouTube: ZaFrostPet
The Chalice Key can be found in the underbelly of the ship.

Alternatively, Bungie was kind enough to place down markers indicating where you need to go after hitting the door. These markers will lead you straight to the Keymaster, making it a pretty simple task. If you lose these markers you can always use your Ghost to identify where they are (default button is Tab).

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