How to get Verglas Curve Exotic Bow in Destiny 2 Lightfall

destiny 2 verglas curveBungie

The Verglas Curve is the new Stasis exotic bow released in Season of the Defiance for Destiny 2, here’s how to grab it as well as its catalyst now that Lightfall is in focus.

The newest expansion of Destiny 2 is here and with it received a brand new season. Season of the Defiance is now live for Destiny 2 alongside Lightfall, with a season pass that contains a brand-new exotic weapon.

This exotic weapon is the Verglas Curve, an exotic stasis bow that stores up Stasis Arrows capable of freezing and creating Stasis crystals. The bow itself can hold up to 5 Stasis Arrows and are stored via final blows on enemies with the bow. Once stored, a player can hipfire the bow to shoot out a volley of Stasis Arrows, creating Stasis crystals and freezing enemies hit.

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The weapon is a pretty neat addition to bows in Destiny 2 and can definitely be worth the pickup. With that being said, here’s exactly how to grab the new Stasis exotic bow Verglas Curve.

How to get the Verglas Curve in Destiny 2 Lightfall

The Verglas Curve is pretty easy to grab in Destiny 2, as it’s given to players in the season pass of Season of the Defiance. Therefore, there are two different ways to obtain the weapon, dependent on if you own the Season Pass or not.

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Season Pass owners are able to grab the weapon right as they log into Destiny 2. The weapon should be available to them in the premium track of the Pass at level 1. Pass owners can grab it and begin freezing things to their heart’s content.

However, those who don’t own the Season Pass will need to reach a seasonal level of 35, where the bow is located on the free track.

destiny 2 verglas curveBungie
The Verglas Curve is the newest exotic bow.

How to get the Verglas Curve Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Verglas Curve Catalyst can be obtained via the exotic mission “Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet”. This will be given out by Banshee-44 once players have a hold of the weapon. Guardians will need to follow specific steps in order to tune the weapon. These steps are as follows:

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Step 1

  • Rapidly defeat 20 targets
  • Defeat 40 targets with Stasis final blows

Step 2

  • Calibrate data and defeat targets whilst using Verglas Curve
    • Generate 200 calibration data
    • Defeat targets

Calibration Data like usual is gained from participating in Ritual Playlist and Seasonal Activities. Players will need to have Verglas Curve equipped in order to generate calibration data.

Defeating targets is pretty simple, just defeat enemies using the Verglas Curve. However, this may take some time, as bows aren’t known for the AD clearing potential.

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