How long is Destiny 2 Lightfall? Main campaign length & side content rundown

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Just how long is Destiny 2 Lightfall? While everyone’s experience will differ, we’ve got a full rundown on how long the main campaign should take you to complete, along with a look at the game’s bonus side content too.

If you’ve played through a Destiny 2 expansion before, you likely know what to expect in terms of new content on offer. While the main campaign kicks it all off, there’s always plenty left to grind through after the game’s credits roll.

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From new activities on Neomuna to the upcoming Root of Nightmares Raid, Lightfall is no different. But just how long does it take to clear the campaign and reach this endgame of the latest Destiny 2 expansion?

We’ve got you covered below with a full rundown on how long the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign really is.

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Lightfall’s main campaign falls in line with previous campaign durations.

How long is Destiny 2 Lightfall? Main campaign runtime explained

The Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2 should take you anywhere between 5-7 hours depending on difficulty. If you play through on Classic, you should have an easier time blitzing through most missions.

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But if you opt for Legendary difficulty, you may be looking at a far more time-consuming experience where it’s probably recommended you do one normal playthrough first.

With eight story missions to get through, along with a number of bonus objectives in-between, there’s a fair bit to do before reaching the end credits. But Lightfall’s overall runtime falls in line with previous Destiny 2 campaigns, so it won’t be anything too out of the ordinary for experienced Guardians.

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How long is Destiny 2 Lightfall with all side content?

It’s impossible to truly quantify the true duration of Lightfall’s endgame in Destiny 2, much like previous expansions. However, you’re probably looking at a wider margin of 10-20 hours once everything is live and available.

It all depends on you really as there’s a staggering wealth of activities to check out, power levels to grind, and of course, the Root of Nightmares Raid on the horizon, there’s still plenty left for Guardians to see, and do.

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As always, just how much you put into the experience is your choice and yours alone. You could feel satisfied just a few hours after the main story winds down, or you might be a completionist looking to spend hundreds of hours ticking off every little thing. It’s ultimately down to you and your playstyle.

That just about wraps up everything you need to know about Destiny 2: Lightfall’s campaign length and the overall length once you factor in side content. For even more guides on the expansion and game as w whole, check these articles out below:

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