Every Guardian Rank Title & Requirements in Destiny 2 Lightfall

destiny 2 guardian ranks imageBungie

Destiny 2’s new Lightfall expansion has launched and with it the brand new progression system known as Guardian Ranks. Here’s everything you need to know about the system, as well as how to unlock and move up the ranks quickly.

Guardian Ranks is the newest system in Destiny 2, having arrived as part of the Lightfall update. This system is a new means of indicating progression for all players. Bungie has implemented the feature as a way to show and indicate how far a player has progressed in the game’s various activities, stories, and events. Players can level up their Guardian Rank by completing the activities within the tier.

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Veteran players are likely to have completed a fair chunk of them already, starting off at level 6. However, if they’re looking to rank up they’ll need to work hard and complete the tasks set out for them. That being said, we’ve listed every Guardian Rank Title as well as their requirements here for you.

Destiny 2 Every Guardian Rank Title & Requirements

Rank 1: New Light

New Light is the rank any new player will start on in the Guardian Rank system, and is the base tier.

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destiny 2 guardian rank 1Bungie
Guardian Rank 1 is the beginning of the Guardian Rank System.

Rank 2: Explorer

Explorer is the first step in your adventure as a Guardian, and involves a single requirement for you to complete.

guardian rank 2 destiny 2Bungie
Explorer sees a New Light taking it’s first steps.

Ranking Up

  • The Vanguard: Complete the new light quest, “A Guardian Rises”

Rank 3: Initiate

Rank 3 is when Guardians are able to really get a feel for the game, and involves exploring the various zones and locations Destiny 2 has on offer. As such, the Initiate requirements will see players explore and meet the NPCs on various planets.

destiny 2 lightfall guardian rank 3Bungie
The Initiate Guardian Rank will allow Guardians to venture to locations and meet new characters.

Explore Neptune

  • First Contact: Complete “First Contact”
  • Point of Contact: Meet the destination vendor of Neptune

Explore EDZ

  • Discover EDZ: Land in EDZ and meet Devrim Kay
  • EDZ Public Events: Complete 3 Public Events on the EDZ

Explore Nessus

  • Explore Nessus: Land on Nessus and meet Failsafe
  • Lost Sectors: Complete 2 Lost Sectors on Nessus
  • Patrols: Complete 1 Patrol on Nessus

Rank 4: Scout

The Scout rank sees players into their first look at player customization, as well as light subclasses and weapon currencies.

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guardian rank 4 destiny 2Bungie
Scouts will look further into cosmetics and their Light subclasses.

Light Subclasses

  • Learning Light: Complete the “Learning Light” quest
  • Purchase Aspects: Purchase Aspects from Ikora Rey
  • Purchase Fragments: Purchase Fragments from Ikora Rey
  • Light Subclasses: Complete a Light subclass quest from Ikora Rey


  • Meet Banshee-44: Talk to Banshee-44
  • Glimmer: Collect Glimmer
  • Legendary Shards: Collect 9 Legendary Shards
  • Enhancement Cores: Complete Enhancement Core Bounties from Banshee-44
  • Arming Up: Purchase weapons from Banshee-44

Gear Modification

  • Shaders: Apply 3 Shaders to your Gear
  • Upgrading Your Ghost: Equip an Economic or Tracking mod on your Ghost

Rank 5: Adventurer

Now that you’ve geared up and learned more about your Light subclass, you’re ready to take on some playlist activities, as well as collect various loot.

destiny 2 guardian rank 5Bungie
Adventurers will seek out new gear and weapons in Vanguard Ops.

Exotic Quests

  • Acquire Riskrunner: Complete the Exotic weapon mission “Spark of Hope” to obtain Riskrunner.
  • Masterwork Riskrunner: Acquire and Apply the Catalyst for Riskrunner


  • Acquire Vanguard Bounties: Acquire 4 Vanguard Bounties
  • Complete Vanguard Ops: Complete Vanguard Ops
  • Complete Vanguard Bounties: Complete 2 Vanguard Bounties
  • Commendations: Commend other players in Vanguard Ops
  • Meet Lord Shaxx: Learn about the Crucible from Lord Shaxx
  • Meed The Drifter: Learn about Gambit from The Drifter


  • Collect Weapons: Collect 9 Legendary Weapons
  • Collect Armor: Collect 9 Legendary Pieces of Armor

Rank 6: Veteran

As the title suggests, most Veterans will land here. The Veteran rank looks further into modifying weapons and armor, and introduces players to Trials.

destiny 2 lightfall guardian rank 6Bungie
Veteran are where most Veteran players will start.

Gear Progression

  • Modify Armor: Equip slot-specific mods on armor.
  • Armor Energy: Increase the energy level of a piece of armor
  • Masterwork Weapons: Increase the masterwork level of a weapon
  • Enhancement Materials: Acquire Enhancement Prisms


  • Soft Cap: Increase your power to the soft cap of 1750
  • Vendor Challenges: Complete Weekly Vendor challenges


  • Trials Introduction: Talk to Saint-14 to learn about Trials of Osiris.

Rank 7: Elite

Elite is the tier above Veteran, so most Veteran players of Destiny will be looking to complete this one next. The Elite rank steps up massively in challenge, with a focus on high-end activities.

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destiny 2 lightfall guardian rank 7Bungie
Elite is the current tier that most Guardians will be working on.


  • Lightfall: Complete the Lightfall Campaign
  • Earn the Respect of Nimbus: Increase your Vendor Reputation with Nimbus on Neomuna
  • Weekly Campaign Mission: Complete the weekly Lightfall campaign mission in Neomuna

Season of the Defiance

  • Season Rank: Increase your Season Rank
  • Seasonal Challenges: Complete Seasonal Challenges from the current season
  • War Table Ranks: Increase your reputation level with the War Table
  • War Table Upgrades: Purchase Upgrades from the War Table
  • Verglas Curve: Defeat targets with the exotic bow Verglas Curve
  • Seasonal Playlist Rewards: Increase your reputation with Vanguard Ops, Crucible or Gambit Vendors

Seasonal Artifact

  • Seasonal Artifact: Obtain the Seasonal Artifact
  • Seasonal Artifact Perks: Activate perks from your Seasonal Artifact
  • Artifact Power Bonus: Increase your Power bonus from the Seasonal Artifact
  • Nightfall
  • Threats and Surges: Complete Nightfalls while using a subclass that matches the current surge
  • Platinum Rewards: Complete Nightfall and earn Platinum rewards


  • Unstoppable Champions: Stun 6 Unstoppable Champions
  • Barrier Champions: Stun 6 Barrier Champions
  • Overload Champions: Stun 6 Overload Champions


  • Giving Gratitude: Commend other players in a Nightfall activity
  • Liked: Increase your commendation score to 750

Lost Sectors

  • Solo Legend Lost Sectors: Complete 5 Legend Lost Sectors Solo
  • Flawless, Solo and Legendary: Complete a Legend Lost Sector Solo without dying


  • Powerful Cap: Increase your Power to the powerful cap of 1800
  • Pinnacle Rewards: Earn Pinnacle rewards from Gambit, Nightfall or Crucible weekly challenges.

Rank 8: Justicia

More details coming soon.

Rank 9: Vanquisher

More details coming soon.

Rank 10: Exemplar

More details coming soon.

Rank 11: Paragon

More details coming soon.