Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards: Exotic Armor, Triumph, more

Destiny 2 Lightfall gameplayBungie

Battling through the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty comes with its own set of unique rewards in Destiny 2. From a full set of gear to a unique Triumph and a bevy of resources, here’s everything up for grabs.

Continuing the trend of The Witch Queen’s immensely popular Legendary campaign challenge, Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion also comes with this higher difficulty tier available right away for players seeking a greater challenge.

Guardians undertaking this tricky endeavor will still naturally progress through the main storyline, but the higher tier is made worthwhile through a number of exclusive rewards tied to Legendary. Given the tougher challenge in Destiny 2, players are rewarded in kind with everything from new armor, Upgrade Modules, and of course, a new Triumph specific to the task.

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So if you’re jumping into the Lightfall campaign, here’s a full rundown of what can be unlocked through the Legendary difficulty option.

Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign rewardsBungie
The Legendary campaign option presents a tougher challenge but with far better rewards for your troubles.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign explained

Destiny 2: Lightfall’s campaign gives players two options from the main menu in the very beginning – just like in The Witch Queen before it. The harder of the options is completing the campaign on Legendary which will make enemies tougher to kill and you easier to kill.

‘Be Brave’ or ‘Become Legend’ by selecting either the ‘classic’ campaign difficulty or the ‘Legendary’ version. As the name implies, this step-up in difficulty brings stronger enemies to the fight for an overall tougher challenge in each and every mission.

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While playing as part of a full Fireteam will certainly help on this higher tier, it is also balanced for Guardians flying solo. So the option for a steeper mountain to climb is there regardless of party size.

If things get a little too overwhelming along the way, however, fear not. The option is always available to swap difficulties mid-way through your Lightfall campaign run if you need to tone it down.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Legendary campaign rewards

Much like the previous Legendary campaign, by playing through Destiny 2: Lightfall on this higher difficulty, players are gifted a number of unique rewards. Alongside flashy new gear, players can earn anything from new Exotics to Upgrade Modules, with plenty more in between.

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Topping the list is a full 1770 power Blue gear bundle to boost your overall level and will make a worthy addition to anyone’s inventory.

Below is a full look at every reward available through Destiny 2’s Legendary Lightfall campaign:

  • Exotic Armor
  • Gear Bundle (1770 Power)
  • 8 Upgrade Modules
  • 300 Strand Meditations
  • ‘Lightfall Legendary’ Triumph
  • Neomuna reputation

Naturally, if you’re looking to reach the higher Power level as quickly as possible, completing the Legendary campaign provides an excellent boost. Especially if you’re looking to jump into the Root of Nightmare Raid nice and early, this is one of the best ways to ensure your team is well-equipped and ready on time.

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That’s all you need to know about Destiny 2: Lightfall’s Legendary campaign rewards, and if you need more info on the game, we have extra guides for you below:

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