All Destiny 2 DLC expansions: Vaulted content, Lightfall & upcoming The Final Shape

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Destiny 2 expansions have been rolling in ever since 2017. Now, with the Lightfall expansion here, let’s take you through every single Destiny 2 DLC released as of 2023.

Destiny 2 players know all too well the huge number of changes that the game has undergone since day one. The game launched with a sizeable campaign, but it’s since been added to the “Destiny Content Vault” and consigned to history – for now at least. If you used to play back then and stopped, you’d likely be very confused as to what the game had turned into.

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That can make it tricky for newcomers to jump into as there is so much changing all the time. However, DLC has (for the most part) expanded the content on offer over time with fresh abilities and/or weapons. The franchise has always had top-notch shooting mechanics and all-around gunplay, but additional Destiny 2 DLCs have made big changes to how the title handles, how players can progress their Guardian, and even added entirely new modes.

Here’s the full list of every piece of Destiny 2 DLC and expansion added since the title’s debut, along with crucial story details to get you up-to-speed.

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Vaulted Destiny 2 DLC

Curse of Osiris (December 2017)

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

Curse of Osiris was the first Destiny 2 DLC to be released but sadly isn’t remembered fondly. It’s also since been vaulted and can’t be accessed anymore.

Along with the typical additions such as new crucible maps and strikes, this expansion finally introduced players to the legendary Warlock, Osiris. The main storyline followed the Guardian’s mission of rescuing Osiris from the Vex on a newly introduced location, Mercury. Through a series of events and battles against the Vex, the final story mission takes place in an epic battle on Mercury against Panoptes, Infinite Mind.

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In addition to the main storyline, Curse of Osiris introduced two new strikes, three new Crucible maps, and a new ‘Raid Lair’ activity on The Leviathan. It’s considered to be one of the weakest Destiny 2 expansions, though, as Mercury was a minuscule zone, and the campaign could be completed in only an hour or two.

Warmind (May 2018)

Key art for WarmindBungie
Destiny 2’s second expansion, Warmind.

Warmind was the second piece of Destiny 2 DLC and was a short but fairly sweet affair. Mars was the latest playable destination (a different part of it from the area we saw in the first game), and the story saw Guardians battle with a new Hive army while attempting to understand the AI Warmind — Rasputin.

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One of the biggest additions that came was the introduction of a wave-based public event, Escalation Protocol. Warmind also introduced the second and final Raid Lair to Destiny 2, “Spire of Stars”, as well as a new crucible ranking system with Valor and Glory ranks.

There were also a fair number of puzzles to solve, with exotics including the returning Suros Regime auto rifle. Those weapons, and the changes to exotics that came alongside the expansion, have meant its legacy is still felt today.

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Forsaken (September 2018)

Destiny 2 Bow Forsaken

Forsaken is the first “major” expansion for Destiny 2, and while it is another piece of vaulted content, its influence is still felt in the community today.

It introduced two new playable areas – The Dreaming City & The Tangled Shore, the former of which acted as a post-campaign surprise. This expansion also boasted a substantial campaign that followed the journey of your Guardian as you were tasked with defeating a new corrupted Fallen enemy, The Scorn, after Cayde-6 was killed in the opening mission.

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Bungie’s third expansion also introduced brand new subclasses, a new bow weapon type, the raid entitled “Last Wish“, the first dungeon, and even the Gambit game mode. It was a fairly sizable expansion, to say the least.

With the release of Forsaken, Destiny 2 also adopted the seasonal content model. As a result, it was accompanied by an annual pass that added three additional content drops to see players through to the Shadowkeep DLC.

Forsaken can’t be played now, but remains one of Destiny 2’s high points, with many of its weapons added to the game as it exists today.

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Current Destiny 2 DLC

Shadowkeep (October 2019)

Destiny 2 ShadowkeepBungie
Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was the game’s expansion for 2019.

Destiny 2’s fourth expansion, Shadowkeep, was the developer’s first major venture after splitting with Activision.

This Destiny 2 DLC reintroduced the Moon as a playable location as well as a story that follows your Guardian as you fight to defeat previous foes. The foes are called Nightmares, resurrected by the Darkness. As you embark on this journey, you are also reunited with a familiar ally, Eris Morn. After completing the main story, players could also participate in Nightmare Hunts — a new PvE experience.

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Shadowkeep introduced two new strikes, a new dungeon and a raid entitled “Garden of Salvation“. However, one of the most notable changes to the Destiny 2 sandbox came in the form of an overhauled Armor 2.0 system that added additional RPG elements.

Shadowkeep also saw the game pivot from three seasons to four per year and began the process of bridging annual releases with additional content drops and extra story.

Shadowkeep was the first step in bringing the “Pyramid Ships” closer to the game, heralding the eventual arrival of The Witness, but its short campaign and array of “busywork” quests afterward mean it’s often forgotten.

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Beyond Light (November 2020)

Beyond Light in Destiny 2Bungie
Stasis was introduced in Beyond Light but has been scaled back multiple times already due to PVP dominance.

Beyond Light is the fifth piece of Destiny 2 DLC, and provided quite a shakeup to the established formula.

This Destiny 2 DLC saw the introduction of the new playable location Europa, as well as the new element – Stasis. The story involved Guardians traveling to Europa, in an attempt to defeat the Fallen Kell Eramis, who planned to harness the power of the Darkness to seek revenge on the Traveler. This introduced the new raid, “Deep Stone Crypt” as well as two strikes (one of which is a reprised Destiny 1 mission).

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A new free-to-play version of Destiny 2 called “New Light” was also released alongside the new expansion. This allowed new players to easily jump into Destiny 2, without paying for some of the originally released DLC content. The expansion also saw the start of the Destiny Content Vault, where older content would be removed, temporarily in some cases, so as to not overburden the game with excess bloat.

Beyond Light is a solid expansion, and mandatory for anyone that wants to unlock the Stasis ability.

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The Witch Queen (February 2022)

The Witch QueenBungie
The Witch Queen is Destiny 2’s best expansion yet.

Bungie’s best expansion yet (we said so in our review), Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, features an excellent campaign set predominantly on Savathun’s Throne World — where nothing is as it seems.

The expansion adds a new raid, too, “Vow of the Disciple“, and a new weapon type: The Glaive. It also overhauled the Void subclass with more customization and added weapon crafting. Solar and Arc subclasses were overhauled in the seasons after, too.

Between the new campaign, a wealth of post-game content, and plenty of fine-tuning of in-game systems, The Witch Queen is the easiest place to jump into Destiny 2 to catch up.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall (February 2023)

Destiny 2 Lightfall gameplayBungie
Lightfall add another subclass, called Strand.

Announced prior to Beyond Light, Destiny 2: Lightfall launched on February 28, 2023. The expansion takes Guardians to a new location on Neptune called Neomuna where they fight alongside Cloudstriders to tackle Calus’ new Shadow Legion.

We also get access to a new subclass called Strand, which lets players manipulate the connections between living things in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

Upcoming Destiny 2 DLC

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Destiny 2 The Final Shape title cardBungie
Destiny 2 will continue after The Final Shape, but in what form?

Destiny 2’s final announced expansion (at least so far), is intended to close out the light and dark saga that’s been running since the first game launched in 2014 and will be called Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

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It may not even be an expansion per se, and potentially refers to the state of the game as it’ll be when it’s “finished”. We’ll keep you updated on everything on Destiny 2: The Final Shape right here.

So, there you have it – that’s all of the Destiny 2 DLCs and expansions that have been released and that we know about so far.

For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out more of our guide content at Dexerto.

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