Hasan mocks Kick for “promoting” him as one of site’s top creators

hasan black shirt mic screenshot headerYouTube: HasanAbi

Twitch star Hasan has been mocking Kick for continuously using his name and likeness to advertise the platform via prominent streamers and official social media accounts mentioning him.

The so-called ‘streaming wars’ continue to rage between Kick and Twitch, as both the platforms and prominent streamers take shots at each other.

One of the more publicized examples of this is the feud between Hasan and Adin Ross which made waves as recently as June 2023 when Hasan flamed Adin Ross for banning him from Kick, calling him a “gremlin” in the process.

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This was the result of Adin constantly taunting and going after Hasan, such as the time when Adin Ross told Hasan to “kill himself” at one point.

Now Kick’s official Twitter account posted a picture promoting their new feature to blacklist Hot Tub and Gambling streams featuring Hasan, even though he is not associated with the platform.

Hasan mocks Kick for using his face to promote new feature

The Twitch star retweeted the picture, mocking Kick for the amount of attention the platform and its streamers give him.

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“At this point, Kick has promoted me more than Twitch lmao,” said Hasan in the response.

Some of the users in reply to Hasan’s Tweet find it equally baffling just how often the platform or someone heavily associated with it mentions him.

“Living rent-free in their heads, getting promoted for free as well,” wrote one user. While another mockingly states: “The company must have quotas for mentioning you in a ‘derogatory’ way.”

Others argue that the platform itself seems to be just running with the joke and that they don’t harbor any negative feelings towards the political streamer.

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“I don’t think they have anything against you lmao, it’s the child with the loud mouth & big following,” reads one of the comments.

Some suggest that a manager taking care of Kick’s Twitter made this decision without consulting the platform.

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