Kick streamer stuns viewers by filming blatant drug use while live

Kick streamer stuns viewers by filming blatant drug use while liveKick: hstikkytokky / Instagram: hstikkytokky

A Kick streamer made the bizarre decision to live stream blatant drug use to an audience of 16,000 viewers, leaving many in shock.

21-year-old Harrison ‘hstikkytokky’ Sullivan is a British fitness influencer with over 650,000 followers on Instagram. He is best known for selling diet and workout plans and sharing his day-to-day life with viewers.

Sullivan also frequently streams on Kick, where he seemingly doesn’t shy away from showcasing various instances of drug use.

Most recently, Sullivan discussed “not doing gear” during a live broadcast while his friend was seen participating in drug use behind him.

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“I do want to do gear but I’m not doing it,” Sullivan can be heard saying as he gets into the backseat of a car. “I’m not doing gear again because I promised my mate.”

Sullivan also points out that his friend, fellow influencer Ed Matthews, beside him has “got gear”, ensuring there is no confusion as to what exactly is taking place. Matthews is a TikToker and YouTuber, heavily involved in influencer boxing.

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Matthews can then be seen sniffing white powder in the background while Sullivan buckles down on his statement, assuring viewers that he is staying clear of the drug.

While gear is slang commonly referring to heroin or methamphetamines, it is believed Sullivan used the term to describe cocaine.

hstikkytokky is a known "party animal"Instagram: hstikkytokky
Sullivan is a known “party animal” on TikTok

The clip was shared on Reddit, with many expressing their surprise that the streamer had not been banned by Kick for his blatant showcasing of drug use.

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One viewer jokingly said, “‘Cocaine can help with reducing bleeding in the nasal cavities’ – [Kick’s] explanation why no ban.”

Others questioned whether Sullivan was telling the truth about steering clear from drugs, pointing out his odd mannerisms during the live stream.

“‘I’m not doing gear’ he repeats 10x while tensing his jaw, he’s definitely on it,” one person said.

As of now, Sullivan’s account is still active and he has yet to receive any repercussions from the platform.

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