Destiny reveals his YouTube editor is paid almost half his revenue

Destiny reveals how much he pays his editorThe Iced Coffee Hour/YouTube

Streamer Destiny has revealed how much he pays his YouTube editor after being asked the question live on stream.

Destiny, a popular streamer in the political and entertainment sphere, has recently opened up about how much money he makes from each of his YouTube channels.

While discussing the numbers, he revealed that he pays his YouTube editor, August, 45% of everything he earns.

What had started as an agreement before he climbed to fame now results in monthly paychecks of over $30,000 to his editor. He’s now opened up and revealed he thinks his employees deserve to grow with him.

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Destiny reveals he pays his editor 45% of his revenue

In a recent stream, Destiny opened up about his employees and how much he pays his YouTube editor. Speaking to a fan named Devin, he was asked about having shared his revenue shares.

Destiny then revealed that he had given his YouTube editor part of his revenue shares a few years ago. He said: “In some ways, it was probably a mistake to do that, but it’s fine I guess. Like, the way that I view it is like, if my stuff grows, I’m still okay with my employees growing with it, but yeah.”

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“That implies to me that it’s a fairly high rate share,” Devin said.

“Well yeah, it was like 40% plus, yeah,” Destiny revealed.

“Holy s**t, that guy is swimming,” Devin laughed.

“Yeah, there’s got to be a lot of people in his apartment building wondering like what drugs he sells or something,” Destiny joked.

Appearing on the Iced Coffee Hour podcast recently, Destiny revealed he pays his YouTube editor, August, a total of 45% of his total revenue, which comes to over $30,000 per month.

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Opening up about this, he said that, although he made the deal several years ago, he doesn’t mind paying August that much as he believes he’d helped him earn the money.

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