Who is Primroze? Twitch streamer dominating Warzone won’t let trolls stop her

Twitch streamer Primroze smiling in selfie in front of Twitch neon logoInstagram: primrozetv

For avid viewers of Warzone 2 on Twitch, you might have noticed one streamer flying up the rankings in the Call of Duty battle royale: Primroze. The sixth most-watched Warzone Twitch streamer in March, she has overtaken some of the biggest names in the game. But who is Primroze?

While Warzone has faced its own issues in recent months, with complaints from players regarding the state of the game, there are many creators still thriving on the title.

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In March 2023, Russian star Recrent took the top spot for viewership, followed by French phenom Chowh1, according to stats from SullyGnome. Alongside established names like Fifakill, Nadia, and HusKerrs, though, there’s one name that isn’t quite as widely known in the Warzone space, with Primroze accruing more than 400,000 hours watched throughout the month.

Featured on the front page of Twitch throughout March as part of Women’s history month, Primroze is helping break ground for female streamers in the space. Here’s who she is, and how she isn’t letting the trolls get to her.

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Who is Primroze?

Primroze in Twitch livestreamInstagram: primrozetv
Primroze started streaming Fortnite in college before moving to Madden and Warzone.

Primroze started streaming in January 2019 while in her third year of college, studying broadcast journalism. Playing Fortnite, and with her broadcast education, she says it “felt natural” talking to a camera.

Over the following years, she switched between games, grinding Madden since 2020 before her more recent switch to Warzone. While she has played Warzone since it was released, she “never focused” on the Call of Duty battle royale hit until November 2022, with the launch of Warzone 2 and the new BR experience it brought.

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Success in Women’s History Month on Twitch

The switch clearly worked, and she was recognized by Twitch to feature as part of their Women’s History Month campaign, celebrating women across the platform, bringing in a whole batch of new viewers to her stream.

“I honestly don’t even know how I got that opportunity but I am so grateful for the exposure it brought to my stream,” Rose told Dexerto. “What I tried for March was just going live whenever I woke up and streaming for as long as I felt like I could. I never forced myself to go live at a certain time and I never forced myself to stay live for a certain amount of time. This really helped get my name out there because now I was streaming to the people waking up and getting ready for school or work in the morning, the people on their lunch breaks, the people getting home from school or work in the afternoon, the people getting ready for bed.

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“I was live all the time at random hours during the day so I saw new people come into my community who would’ve never seen my stream otherwise if I stuck to a specific schedule. Now, I’m able to go live at whatever time I feel is best for me and I know I’ll have people watching because I was able to grow in that way.”

SullyGnome stats for twitch streamer PrimrozeSullyGnome
Primroze’s Twitch stats for March were seriously impressive.

Addressing trolls, hate & accusations

As happens often when women see success on Twitch, Primroze started to get called out on social media, with hate directed her way and accusations of faking followers, view-botting, and more.

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“At the end of the day, I’m a new name to the COD community,” she said. “I get that there are people out there that don’t know who I am and have never heard my name before March. I grew most of my community and most of my followers from Madden and I was able to get partnered on Twitch from Madden. None of that is fake and the people that know me from Madden know that none of that is fake.”

She continued: “I received an incredible opportunity that anyone would be over the moon about. People are just jealous and love to hate on things they don’t have instead of celebrating the successes of others. I have an incredible community that has my back and will support me no matter what. I wouldn’t have received this opportunity if any of my community has been faked.”

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Primroze went on to add that she has the strength to ignore the trolls and whatever they might have to say. “I’ve always had really thick skin and nothing really bothers me anymore honestly. People can say whatever they want about me. They don’t know me personally. That’s what holds me over at the end of the day.”

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