Amazon Prime Day 2023: Start date, early deals & more

Prime Day 2023 is coming, and we’re going to be bringing you the best deals from the big Amazon shopping event. Here’s the full breakdown.

Amazon Prime Day is on its way once again, and the floodgates will soon be open. Thousands of deals across the whole site are expected, from gaming, movies, tech and so, so much more.

This year is particularly exciting, as we have brand new hardware, as well as some serious discounts already on last generation hardware. If the last couple months have been the best time to grab a Ryzen 5800X3D CPU, then expected further discounts should surely convince you.

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On top of this, we have a bunch of new movies and games that have all launched in the last few months. Still waiting for that one particular game, but can’t justify full price? Prime Day might be your lucky day.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2023?

Amazon Prime Day will take place from July 11 to July 12. There will be some early access deals, but the best of the best won’t happen until the big day.

As with previous Prime Days, a few of these deals might hold over until July 13.

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What is Amazon Prime Day?

Prime Day is Amazon’s big sale event, with thousands of products getting deep discounts across the board. It does require you to have a Prime Day subscription.

How much is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime will cost you $14.99 a month, and $139 for the full year if you want a small saving. Not only does it unlock access to Prime Day’s deals, but also give you all of Prime streaming and super quick delivery.

If you’re a student, you can also get a cheaper deal ($7.49 or $69 a year) by signing up through the proper channels.

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For those that want to just have it for the month, and cancel after Prime Day, you can also get a free 30-day trial.

Early Amazon Prime Day deals

While you shouldn’t expect any deals to crop up before July 11, there’s often some early deals that sneak out. We’ll be sure to bring you only the best closer to the date.


Best Amazon hardware deals

Amazon’s hardware is often the first to get those massive discounts. Everything from the Fire TV, Echo and tablet line up will see those price tags get much, much smaller.

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Amazon Echo Prime Day deals

The Echo line has been seeing deep discounts all year round, and we fully expect to see this continue through Prime Day. In the UK, we’ve even seen deals where the giant has begun to bundle two together for a major discount.

Fire TV deals

Amazon’s roster of TVs are actually spectacular deals during Prime Day. Last year we saw some of the 4K Omni TVs hit as low as $200, and we fully expect to see something as wild as that again this year. If you’re after a TV, this might be the best – and cheapest – way to do it.

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Amazon Fire Tablet deals

While not the best tablets around, the Amazon Fire Tablets make for fantastic additions for super young, or elderly members of your family. The simplistic design, and limited hardware makes these ideal for those who might not particularly care about the best of the best, or even know what a tablet is.

Apple deals on Prime Day

Apple’s Amazon Prime Day deals aren’t always directly from Apple. In fact, a lot of the deals on hardware you’re going to see will come from third-party sellers on the Amazon platform.

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The thing with Apple is that they rarely partake in the grand sales events, thus leaving it to those other sellers to swoop in.

Macs, MacBooks

Throughout 2022 and 2023, we’ve seen a fair few deals come through, with older M-series laptops getting price slashes to make room for updated hardware. Even with the new hardware coming out, there’s no real need to go for the best of the best.

Lingering M1 MacBook Airs and Mac Minis make for fantastic work-from-home machines, or just excellent entry points for those in need of a new bit of kit. Meanwhile, M2 laptops are the dominant choice for those going back to school, or for those with needed additional power for their workflows.

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Even better, with the new Game Porting Toolkit, you can play some Diablo IV on the side.


As with the Macs, Prime Day isn’t always the best place to find the best deals for iPads. However, that keyboard-case combo that you’ve had your eye on for the last few weeks will certainly come down in price.

AirPods, Apple Pencil, cases & more

This is the best time to grab those accessories you’ve wanted. AirPods and the official Apple Pencil might suffer from similar pricing treatment as the other Apple hardware, but if you’re gunning for a case and maybe an excellent GaN charger, this is your time to shine.

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Best laptop Prime Day deals

If TVs are the star of the show for the best tech deals, laptops are the a close second. The understudy, if you will.

As with the Apple laptops above, we’ve seen some of the last generation laptops get steeper discounts and current gen hardware come with some pretty decent price reductions.

A lot of manufacturers have just finished the major refreshes for the year, with the likes of Razer and Asus upgrading laptops with RTX 40-series GPUs, as well as the latest chips from Intel and AMD.

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We’ll be sure to bring you the best bang for your buck deals, skimming through a lot the fat to ensure that you don’t lose out.

The best PC deals on Prime Day

Prebuilt PCs might not see as many deals as last year, as the pricing has pretty much begun to settle post-crypto crash. However, don’t let the word “prebuilt” scare you too much. We know the stigma attached to them and understand why, but there’s a considerable increase in quality across the board for these machines.

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We won’t be posting any devices with 8GB of RAM, or flimsy CPUs with no chance of surviving the next six months. We’ll only bring you the best of the best.

PC peripheral deals on Prime Day

Peripherals from controllers, keyboards, monitors, you name it, will all see massive price drops. This is one of the best times of year for manufacturers ready and willing to offload older stock onto you with a significant discount.

Last year we saw Samsung gaming monitors get sweeping price changes, as well as keyboards and microphones also get super steep discounts.

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Best PC component deals on Prime Day

This will be the most interesting part for those of us interested in upgrading our machines. Will we see some deep discounts on RTX 40-series GPUs, like the 4060 Ti or will manufactures hold back for Black Friday?

While some GPUs and CPUs are already at the lowest prices we’ve seen them, there’s still a little more to be shaved off and we’re expect to see a lot of the warehouse cloggers to have prices slashed.

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Where you should start to see massive savings is with SSDs, which are slowly becoming a requirement for gaming. Prices have dropped significantly due to lower demand, but also cheaper manufacturing costs.

If you’re similar to us, and been stuck on that old PCIe 3.0 256GB SSD you got in 2018 and want a significant boost to your system, this will be the best time do so.

Best game deals on Prime Day

Video games, you might have heard of them. With a tonne of huge releases this year, there’s been no better time to grab some of those titles you’ve been eying up. Of course, we don’t expect things like Diablo IV to get a discount just yet, but titles released earlier in the year will certainly see prices slashed.

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Plus, you have the swaths of games you might have missed in the last few years. If you’re after some physical game goodness, Amazon definitely has you covered.

Best console deals on Prime Day

We’re in a bizarre part of the current console lifespan. It’s still too soon for a major discount, but, after we have absolute confidence that you’ll see some of these consoles get a price reduction.


Microsoft is talk of the town at the minute. While they work hard on closing the Activision deal, we’re keeping closer eye on the Xbox Series S. During the holiday season, Microsoft launched an Xbox holiday bundle, which we don’t expect to make a return in the middle of July.

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We do, however, expect to see the Series S get some kind of deal on Prime Day. The console is essentially Microsoft’s gateway drug to Game Pass, and a lifetime of subscription fees to one of the best deals in gaming.

With this all said, don’t expect to see the Series X get a discount just yet. As we mentioned above, the lifespan is in an odd state right now, with just under three years of existence not really justifiable as time to discount.

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We will search hard for any PlayStation console deals that will potentially show up. However, we cannot promise anything as Sony are particularly stingy when it comes to their hardware. With rumors of a PS5 Slim and Pro launching at some point, it would be after those consoles have hit shelves that the current PS5 will see a discount.

Nintendo Switch

With the Switch starting to wind down, you should expect to see some sort of console deals come through. The price of the Switch still remains at almost full price, but the Switch Lite (which can’t be docked to a TV) is usually one to keep an eye on.

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Meanwhile, the OLED model will probably not see a price reduction this year until Black Friday.

Meta Quest 2

Meta has raised the price, reduced the price, and given us one of the best bundle deals in recent memory. Over Black Friday, a Beat Saber/Resident Evil 4 bundle was made available. While it didn’t come with an official price reduction, the deal was clear.

We don’t really expect to see Meta come forward with a Prime Day dedicated kit, but last year third-party sellers were more than happy to shift units with extra kit.

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Meta are planning to release the Meta Quest 3 this year, so we’re sure this will drive the discounts.

Console accessories deals on Prime Day

This is where the major deals will come through. Controllers, chargers, and all the good gizmos you wouldn’t usually get on a regular day. Amazon is rife with these accessories, and whatever you need, you’re going to find it.

Xbox accessories

There’s no Xbox accessories just yet, as we’re some time away from the big day. However, you should expect to see a tonne of controllers, and plenty of hard drives go on sale for bulk storage needs.

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PlayStation accessories

For PlayStation players, expect to see the same deal with Xbox, but be sure to keep an eye on SSD prices. This is the prime time to get some major storage upgrades.

Nintendo Switch accessories

Cases, controllers, you name it, it’ll be on sale for the Nintendo Switch. The one major accessory to take proper notice of is SD cards. With such small storage, and plenty of new games on the horizon, it’s probably time to take the plunge and get that storage properly going.

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Prime Day speaker and sound bar deals

As with TVs and laptops, Prime Day is about going all in on those items you wouldn’t usually think to get until the end of the year. Upgrade your entire media setup with some decent speakers, or grab a soundbar to keep things flush.

Prime Day headphones and headset deals

We’ve reviewed a lot of headsets over the last few months. For the gaming enthusiasts, now is the time to grab one of our top recommended ones. Not only do they regularly go on sale, but Prime Day is usually when they’ll get a much steeper discount.

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