Mizzy sparks outrage again after destroying convenience store in viral clip

mizzy-destroys-shop-viral-outrageTwitter; mizzythemenace

Notorious TikTok prankster Mizzy is sparking outrage online once again after destroying a man’s convenience store in a clip that’s going viral across social media.

Mizzy has become an inflammatory online figure after skyrocketing to internet infamy in May due to his outrageous pranks.

Included in Mizzy’s history of ‘practical jokes’ are: Making off with an elderly woman’s dog, walking into strangers’ homes, and even asking strangers at a bus station if they “want to die.”

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Mizzy was banned from several social media platforms as a result of these pranks and was even arrested over his content, getting hit with a two-year criminal behavior order that prevented him from filming others without their written consent.

tiktok-prankster-mizzy-sentenced-with-criminal-behavior-orderYouTube: memeulous
Mizzy is a notorious TikTok prankster who was arrested for his ill-received practical jokes.

TikTok prankster Mizzy destroys man’s shop in viral Twitter video

After appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored in a viral segment after his arrest, it’s been a bit quiet for Mizzy… but the infamous influencer is making waves once again after another of his pranks sparked outrage online.

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On July 7, Mizzy ‘The Menace’ showed himself and a bunch of his pals in a convenience store, where the group proceeded to upend the entire shop while the clerk looked on in dismay.

“Reality is an illusion, bro,” Mizzy said, swinging the camera around the shop as he tossed items from their shelves. “What’s all of this bro? F*ck your shop, bro. It’s an illusion, bro!”

However, Mizzy seemed to pay the man off by handing him a wad of bills before leaving the store.

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Mizzy’s video has garnered over three million views on Twitter — and has kicked off a slew of backlash, in the process.

“In a few short years, when you’re working for an hourly wage again, you will remember how you once had a platform to grow from – and you messed it up,” one user wrote.

“You just don’t disrespect boss man like that,” another said, referencing the shop clerk.

This is just the latest prank from Mizzy to go viral after the controversial influencer jumped into the control room of a train with his pals and honked its horn, saying it was like “GTA in real life” – after which he was hit with additional charges.

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