Where to buy the MacBook Air 15 (2023): Price, links & more

where to buy apple macbook air 15

Looking for where to buy the MacBook Air 15? We’ve got you covered with all the links you need, and more about Apple’s lastest M2 masterpiece.

Looking to buy the MacBook Air 15? Apple is back with another addition to its growing lineup of M-series laptops. The new MacBook Air features last year’s overhauled design, as well as the excellent M2 chip.

When Apple relaunched the MacBook Air with the M1 chip in 2020, it instantly became one of our top recommendations for everything from education to some content creation. A considerably cheaper price point and slim design made it almost too good to pass up.

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We’re holding fast to those guns, as the latest M2 chip continues to prove it is a worthwhile investment with better performance over its last generation. Not only that, but the new MacBook Air with the 15-inch screen gives you so much more screen real-estate, without becoming a burden in your bag.

MacBook Air 15 specs

SpecMacBook Air 15
CPU/APUApple M2 chip with 8-core CPU, 10-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine
RAMUp to 24GB unified memory
StorageUp to 2TB SSD storage
Screen15.3-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone³
Webcam1080p FaceTime HD camera
PortsMagSafe 3 charging port, Two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports

The MacBook Air 15 comes with a variety of options if you purchase the laptop through Apple. It can be equipped with up to 24GB of unified RAM, as well as having storage increased up to 2TB.

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If you’re a content creator, we recommend you go for the 512GB model as a minimum. While those who do typical office work won’t feel the pinch, we’re yet to find out if the 256GB model still suffers from slower SSD speeds.

Of course, for those that want to grab it from your usual stores, Best Buy, Amazon, and B&H have all the variations up now with multiple colors.

MacBook Air 15 price

The MacBook Air 15 comes in at a starting price of $1249, and the top-end model on Apple’s store costs $2499.

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Where to buy the MacBook Air 15

Apple’s MacBook Air 15 will start cropping up across more stores, but for the best variety without having to use Apple directly is B&H. The New York-based store is currently offering a variety of models with different storage and RAM options.


As anticipated, Amazon currently has the weakest selection but will have the fastest delivery time if you’re using Amazon Prime.

Best Buy

Best Buy is currently only stocking the bare essentials for the new MacBook Air 15, with a combination of 8GB of RAM and 256 or 512GB configurations.

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Starlight8GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,299Buy
Midnight8GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,299Buy
Silver8GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,299Buy
Space Gray8GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,299Buy
Starlight8GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,499Buy
Midnight8GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,499Buy
Silver8GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,499Buy
Space Gray8GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,499Buy
Silver16GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,499Buy
Starlight16GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,499Buy
Space Gray16GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,499Buy
Midnight16GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,499Buy
Silver8GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,699Buy
Starlight8GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,699Buy
Space Gray8GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,699Buy
Midnight8GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,699Buy
Silver24GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,699Buy
Starlight24GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,699Buy
Space Gray24GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,699Buy
Midnight24GB Unified RAM | 256GB SSD$1,699Buy
Silver16GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,699Buy
Starlight16GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,699Buy
Space Gray16GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,699Buy
Midnight16GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,699Buy
Silver24GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,899Buy
Starlight24GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,899Buy
Space Gray24GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,899Buy
Midnight24GB Unified RAM | 512GB SSD$1,899Buy
Silver16GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,899Buy
Starlight16GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,899Buy
Space Gray16GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,899Buy
Midnight16GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$1,899Buy
Silver8GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,099Buy
Starlight8GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,099Buy
Space Gray8GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,099Buy
Midnight8GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,099Buy
Silver24GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$2,099Buy
Starlight24GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$2,099Buy
Space Gray24GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$2,099Buy
Midnight24GB Unified RAM | 1TB SSD$2,099Buy
Silver16GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,299Buy
Starlight16GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,299Buy
Space Gray16GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,299Buy
Midnight16GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,299Buy
Starlight24GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,499Buy
Silver24GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,499Buy
Space Gray24GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,499Buy
Midnight24GB Unified RAM | 2TB SSD$2,499Buy

Is the M1 MacBook Air still good in 2023?

The M1 MacBook Air from 2020 is absolutely excellent in 2023. If you’re not in the market for the latest and greatest – especially at the price tag – we still fully recommend it.

The original M1 model might be getting thin on stock, but it can be found significantly cheaper at some stores.

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