Computex 2023’s biggest trend is ridiculous LCD screens

Computex logo with LCDs everywhere

A huge amount of products make their debut at Computex and each year, a theme always emerges. This year, Computex seems to be all about LCD screens.

While we’re not at Computex this year, we’ve been keeping a close eye on just about everything going on in Taipei. The delight of seeing the mass amounts of PC hardware that we should be evaluating for you in the future brings us joy.

However, this year it appears that screens are the big play here. We’re not just talking about Nvidia releasing new monitor tech. There are screens just about everywhere you can think. Motherboards, Cases, and even fans have LCD screens on them now.

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Lian Li is adding so many screens to its components

LCD screens on Lian Li hardware

One major player appears to be case maker Lian Li, which has gone all out with one of its fans – and that plays into the rest of its hardware showcase. The Uni Fan TL LCD is a pretty standard three-fan setup, but each one has its own circular LCD screen. Up to six of these fans can be connected to one system, but it does sacrifice a little bit of fan speed compared to the non-LCD variants.

It doesn’t stop there, as Lian Li has three radiators launching. One in particular, the GALAHAD II AIO, has a huge monitoring LCD embedded in it. While we’ve seen this sort of thing before, the Lian Li model has a particular advantage if fitted inside one of the many cases they’re showing.

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Lian Li PC case

Lian Li’s O11 Vision, also making its debut at Computex, has a mirrored side on its top glass panel. Now imagine loading in a video, it’s that perfect late night and you look over only to see it infinitely reflecting alongside all the whacky RGB they’ve piled in. While not to everyone’s tastes, it certainly does look impressive.

Lian Li plans to launch the GALAHAD II AIO’s LCD version at $249.99 for the 360, and the 280 will cost $229.99. There’s a tentative date of Q3 2023.

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The Uni Fan TL LCD will cost $129.99 and launches in Q3 2023.

The O11 Vision PC case will be launched around the same time at $139.99.

Corsair is back with more LCDs at Computex

Corsair pump with screenTechPowerUp

The masters of slotting in LCD screens onto things, Corsair, have also shown its updated wares including an LCD screen on a few coolers. One, in particular, looks extraordinary, like a science lab in your PC case.

They do require the iCUE LINK hub, and the reservoir can hold up to 440ml of liquid to cool your system.

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While the tube on top is the main attraction, the screen will keep tabs on how hot your PC is running. Or, you could just upload a meme.

Corsair’s iCUE link devices are expected to begin shipping in June 2023.

HYTE’s “thicc” cooler has a screen on it too

HYTE is also bringing screens to the PC, following the competition and not wanting to be beaten. The THICC Q60 is a fairly standard all-in-one liquid cooler system but features a great big screen on the front. This device has had to go “thicc” because of the ongoing pushing of boundaries by AMD, Nvidia, and Intel in terms of temperatures.

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Luckily, you’ll have that great big screen to either keep tabs on your system’s temperatures or just blast colors through it.

Hyte is also promoting its new system for controlling just about everything inside the case. Dubbed Nexus, it functions similarly to other hubs already available, offering the user unified control over the Hyte-branded RGB and screens embedded within.

Hyte’s THICC Q60 will cost $299.99 and is available from September 2023.

This Aorus motherboard has a screen too

New Arous motherboardTom’s Hardware

While it should be more impressive that the Aorus Z790 Xtreme X motherboard has Wi-Fi 7 and can support four SSDs, it’s the screen onboard that’s taken us by surprise.

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We’re unsure outside of PC information or an uploaded image what you’d do with it, but the same could be said for any of these PC components. We do wonder what the boundaries are for the storage onboard, and if there’s a chance we could play the entirety of a movie on it.

There’s no pricing for the Aorus Z790 Xtreme X yet.

Big screen advertisements make an appearance at Computex 2023

Even Acer is getting in on the screen business, as its booth is made up of one of those massive immersion screens. While they might be more focused on things like storage, it’s wild to see one of these screens in action in such a confined space.

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