Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk review: Enthusiast quality – and price

flexispot Q8 standing deskFLEXISPOT

Flexispot’s Q8 standing desk certainly has the quality and all the bells and whistles a sit-stand desk enthusiast could want, but is it worth its high-end price point?

Whether working from home or strapping in for all-night gaming sessions, comfort is key. While you can fork out hundreds of dollars for the best headsets and comfiest chairs, a desk is a major part of any set-up.

Many swear by standing desks to alleviate some of the negative side effects of sitting down all day, and Flexispot sent us the Q8 8-in-1 Standing desk to try out. This is one of their most expensive desks, so we’re breaking down how easy it was to assemble, its features, and whether it’s worth that $799.99 price point.

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Key Specs

  • Size: 140 x 70cm
  • Desktop material: Bamboo
  • Weight: ~110lbs
  • Features: Steel frame, integrated drawer, integrated height adjustment control panel, USB-A port, USB-C port
  • Price: $799


The Flexispot Q8 can easily fit two monitors, a PC, mouse, and keyboard — with room to spare.

The first thing about the Flexispot Q8 desk I noticed was its size, and soon after, its weight. Due to the weight of its steel frame and thick bamboo surface, moving the unit certainly wasn’t a one-man job.

Once laid down flat to be assembled, it couldn’t have been easier. It was simply a case of connecting the legs, adding the feet, screwing in the cable management tray, plugging in some wires, and flipping it over — and the instruction manual couldn’t have explained it better. This process took no more than five minutes.

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The legs are connected by clearly labeled screws and the included hex wrench worked a charm. Most of the wiring was arranged already so it was simply a case of plugging them into the correct ports. While the included cable management tray must be screwed directly into the wood, it was easily done with a basic manual screwdriver. Then it was time to flip it over onto its legs.

As I mentioned before, the Flexispot Q8 is heavy. Not so heavy that it would be impossible to flip over yourself, but I’d recommend finding someone to help you flip it over and move it into place. Its size makes it unwieldy, and you could run the risk of forcing too much weight on the legs at a dodgy angle, damaging your $800 desk.

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Design & features

The Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk comes with an integrated control panel and memory presets for height.

The Flexispot Q8 is a sit-stand desk, and switching between modes is made incredibly easy through the integrated touch-screen control panel. With its height range of 60cm to 124cm, I had no issue finding a comfortable height for sitting and standing. The speed seems reasonable as you’re not waiting for ages, and it comes to a nice gradual stop without jolting the contents of your desk.

Its memory presets are welcome too, you just need to hold the 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttons to save the current height. As a newcomer to standing desks, I’ve found I enjoy the balance of rotating between sitting and standing throughout the day, and being able to quickly switch its height is very welcome.

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While it doesn’t include any child safety lock, the anti-collision feature works well, and it won’t keep pressing against anything underneath.

Once set up, the desk screams quality. The smooth bamboo desktop is nice to the touch and the colors brighten the room. Despite the desk only standing on two legs, it feels completely sturdy and doesn’t bend when you lean onto it — something that’s particularly useful when in standing mode.

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The Flexispot Q8 won’t support a monitor arm but there’s plenty of room to spare.

The 140x70cm desktop is the perfect size for my small box room office, and it fits my 27” and 24” monitors with ease. I’ve also had to place my PC on top of the desk because my short cables would be ripped out when raising it to standing mode, but it fits snugly. However, this is easily remedied by picking up longer HDMI or DP cables.

The only issue I ran into was the thick metal frame running around the underside of the desk wouldn’t allow for my monitor arm to be attached so I’ve had to go back to the large desk mounts that came with them. As you can see above, there’s plenty of room for two monitors but a third would be a squeeze.

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I am far from a cable management expert, and the desk’s cable management tray made everything easy to tuck in and hide. Despite some cables hanging around near the legs, you won’t find them getting in your way.

The built-in wireless charger is especially appreciated as I can charge my phone without a cable or separate wireless charger, but there are USB-A and USB-C ports if you need them.There’s also a wide drawer at the front of the desk and while it’s only five centimeters deep, you’ll be able to fit a laptop, notebooks, stationary, or anything else you might want to keep close at hand.

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The Flexispot Q8’s drawer is perfect for storing a laptop, notebook, or stationary.

Is the Flexispot Q8 worth it?

While the desk itself is almost faultless, the price could become a sticking point for many. If you’re new to standing desks, then its $800 price tag makes it difficult to recommend to the average user. But if you’re a long-time standing desk user that’s looking for something spacious and sturdy with neat features such as memory presets and built-in wireless charging, then this is most likely the desk for you.

Its $800 price is certainly on the higher end, but the plus side is that it comes with everything you need. The desktop is already fitted, the wiring has been done for you, and there’s no extra cable management tray to purchase. However, a monitor arm isn’t recommended, so you might struggle to find space for more than two monitors.

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The Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk is certainly designed (and priced) for enthusiasts, so if this is your first foray into sit-stand desks then you might be better off going for something cheaper like the Flexispot Pro Plus Standing Desk E7. But as a desk itself, there’s very little to fault, and working from home will be comfortable for standing up to work or sitting down to game.

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