Boulies Master Series chair review: Minimalist but impressive

Boulies Master Series chairDexerto

Boulies’ Master Series gaming & office chair offers impressive support, comfort, and a sleek minimalist design for those who don’t want to break the bank.

When it comes to picking out the perfect gaming chair, there are countless factors that have to be taken into consideration.

Of course, comfort and support will always be the number one priority, but appearance can be equally as important for some customers. This is especially true for those seeking a more minimalist design that strikes a balance between office and gaming.

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Well, UK-based chair brand Boulies have a product that achieves exactly that with their new Master Series gaming and office chair.

Priced at £299.99 (UK) or $359.99 (US), Boulies’ product is significantly cheaper than Secretlab’s Titan EVO 2022 and suits those looking for a more low-profile design.


Boulies Master Series chair reviewDexerto
The chair features 8-way adjustable armrests and built-in lumbar support.

The Boulies Master doesn’t offer your typical gaming chair appearance, instead sporting a more minimalist and low-profile design that strikes a nice balance between office and entertainment. Available in both “ultraflex” polyurethane and water-repellent fabric, there are plenty of styles and colors for customers to choose from.

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We reviewed the Ash Grey edition of the chair, and the fabric feels high-quality and soft to the touch. While the sewn edges of the Boulies Master are not covered by a trim, they blend in well with the overall design. The only breaks in your chosen fabric are for a long black panel along the back of the chair, and two smaller panels on the seat. These combine well with the black mechanical components of the chair appearance-wise and add a velvety texture to the overall design.

Alongside its use of premium fabric, the Master Series offers in-built lumbar support which can be adjusted using a knob on the side of the chair. It also features 8-way adjustable aluminum armrests and redesigned arm pads to ensure you’re always in a comfortable position while at your desk.

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The Boulies Master also gives you full reclining control and a rock tilt switch which allows you to lock the chair in any position you would like. While this feature is brilliant, in our experience the lever can be a little stiff, and often takes multiple tries to adjust the Boulies Master to the perfect angle.

Assembly and setup

Boulies Master chair reviewDexerto
The Master Series chair offers an impressive amount of back support.

When it comes to setting up the Boulies Master, the instructions are clear and offer a step-by-step guide for setting up the chair efficiently.

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With a picture for every step, it’s easy to follow along and it took us around 30 minutes to assemble overall.

Despite this, if you can, it’s definitely worth bringing in a second pair of hands to help, as holding certain components in place can become a little difficult at times when tightening the screws.


Boulies Master chair reviewDexerto
The fabric featured on the Master Series chairs is water-repellent.

While the Boulies Master is undeniably comfortable, it prioritizes structure and posture over anything else. This makes it ideal for those who are planning on working or gaming in the chair for long hours at a time.

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During my time with the chair, the lumbar support and rigid build kept my back in a healthy position, resulting in no pain or aches at the end of the day. When it comes down to gaming, you can always adjust the seat to lean back to your desired position, or just enable the rock tilt switch so the chair automatically alters based on your position.

While the Boulies cushion is a comfortable headrest, it’s a shame it comes with the basic elastic strap that makes it awkward when adjusting its position. It would have been much better if Boulies adopted the magnetic cushion featured in the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022, which would have also added to the chair’s sleek appearance.

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Should you buy it?

If you’re looking for a minimalist gaming and office hybrid chair that would fit perfectly into a sleek setup, then it’s hard to go wrong with the Boulies Master. Its lower price tag makes it a more affordable option for those who are not willing to fork out for a Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 and with its minimalist design, it maintains a professional and clean appearance.

Of course, if pure comfort is what you’re looking for, it may be better to opt for a more typical office chair. However, the Boulies Master strikes a balance between comfort, support, and appearance, which is a hard combination to find in a gaming chair.

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Verdict – 4/5

The Boulies Master may not stand out from the crowd with any particular feature, but it checks every box when it comes to comfort, design, and price.

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