Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum gaming chair review: Pure comfort

Logitech G Herman Miller Vantum back label brandingDexerto

The Logitech G x Herman Miller Gaming Vantum is both companies’ first attempt at building a chair together from the ground up. But is the Vantum worth the $995 price tag?

Logitech G announced its partnership with Herman Miller Gaming two years ago. Since then, they released the Logitech G branded Embody chair to some success. Herman Miller even went as far as to sponsor creators like TimTheTatman.

Now, in 2022, the companies have again joined forces to create the Vantum gaming chair. We’ve been sitting in it for a little while now, and are ready to bring you our full thoughts. Firstly, this chair is not cheap, retailing at an eye-watering $995. But, is it worth the price of entry?

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The Vantum Gaming Chair is Herman Miller’s first chair with a headrest.


Throughout the gaming chair industry, each company has a different amount of steps to go through for assembly.

Secretlab and Mavix ship their chairs with fairly minimal assembly required. However, it’s still a fairly lengthy process compared to the Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum.

The Vantum ships with the base, seat, and headrest pre-assembled. This makes assembly a quick three-step process that we comfortably accomplished alone in just 15 minutes.

We’re not entirely sure why Herman Miller decided to shy away from shipping it fully assembled. The company ships its other (non-gaming) chairs like that. However, it might just be cheaper to ship like this. Compared to others, It’s hard to complain because of how easy the Vantum is to put together.

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Logitech x Herman Miller Vantum premium gaming chair on a gradient backgroundHerman Miller
The Vantum Gaming chair is unique, stylish, and comfortable.


The Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum Gaming Chair has a relatively basic design. However, this is no bad thing. It’s not going to look out of place in just about any gaming setup.

We’re huge fans of minimalistic branding on our gaming gear, and the Vantum provides just that. The only branding on the chair is a tag on the bottom of the backrest.

The Vantum sports a padded, depth-adjustable seat base that we’ve found to be perfect for sitting in for long sessions. No matter what we were doing, we always felt comfortable. This is thanks to the polyurethane padding and breathable polyester fabric employed by the chair.

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Ergonomics for days

The back of the chair isn’t padded. However, it still supports our back like a new mother supports her newborn child: perfectly. This is thanks to Herman Miller’s expertise in ergonomics, which comes in the form of several features. Adjustable lumbar support, free-moving thoracic support, and a headrest — a first for the company.

Everything from the skeletal-looking design on the back of the chair to the base is made out of glass-filled plastic. This makes the Vantum Gaming Chair is impressively lightweight. As a larger person, we were initially worried that it would feel cheap. But, Herman Miller rates the chair for folks up to 350lbs.

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The Vantum comes with four-way adjustable armrests, which are welcome in any chair. But, we really wish HMG would have opted for a design with locking adjustments. We continuously find ourselves sliding out of place any time we put any amount of pressure on them.

The Vantum’s adjustments are super easy to figure out, including the seat’s depth that we mentioned earlier.

Under the right side of the chair, you’ll find the typical height adjustment lever, in addition to a knob. This allows you to adjust the backrest’s tilt tension. The knob on the opposite side allows you to adjust how far back you want the chair to tilt. Although, it doesn’t give you the option to lock the backrest at any certain angle.

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The Vantum’s headrest offers height and angle adjustment, which is a very welcome feature. Though, we wish it was a bit easier to raise and lower it while sitting in the chair.

The biggest thing we’re not a fan of when it comes to the Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum is the “active, forward-leaning alignment,” designed for the “optimal gaming posture”. Unfortunately, it literally makes it feel like you’re about to fall out of the chair when sitting.

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However, the Vantum’s seat base does tilt upwards when you’re leaning back in the chair, so it’s hardly a deal breaker.

You can easily adjust the lumbar support while sitting, a very welcome feature.


Coming from our old gaming chair was a major adjustment. Herman Miller’s ergonomics are unmatched — but we quickly realized how much effort was put into the comfort of the Vantum.

It very quickly made us realize how badly our back hurt when sitting in the old chair. The Vantum actually helped bring our spine back into alignment and made our posture more upright.

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Within a week and a half of using it, we fell in love. The polyurethane padding on the seat base and headrest supports our hips, head, and neck almost perfectly.

The lumbar support is easy to adjust while sitting in the chair, and each turn of the knob provides plenty of feedback. You don’t have to spend too long in the chair t get used to it, and quickly settle into comfort.

There is no height adjustment for the lumbar support. However, the Vantum makes up for it with free-moving thoracic support that takes care of your upper back just fine.

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Sitting in the Logitech G x Herman Miller Vantum Gaming Chair is an absolute joy, and very much lives up to HMG’s long-standing reputation for high-quality ergonomics.

Should you buy it?

With its $995 price point, it’s not exactly an easy purchase for the majority of people, but Herman Miller’s 12-year 100% warranty makes it so that you’ll almost certainly be keeping it around for a while. The Vantum is the last gaming chair you’ll ever have to buy.

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We’d love to see HMG and Logitech G improve the Vantum with smoother headrest adjustment and locking armrests in the future, but we are still absolutely in love. We’d also like to see a slightly more budget-friendly option come to market, as $995 is certainly on the steeper end of gaming chairs.

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