You can finally customize your gaming chair with Secretlab Skins

Secretlab SkinsSecretlab

Ever wanted to customize your gaming chair? Secretlab has announced Skins, a system that allows you to dress your gaming chair up with a fresh, new look.

Secretlab’s gaming chairs come in all sorts of different designs. From Valorant to Overwatch and more. Their Titan Evo 2022 is one of our favorite gaming chairs, and now you can customize them.

Secretlab has announced Secretlab Skins, a simple way of replacing the design of your gaming chair. Secretlab claims that you can apply a skin in less than three minutes. Armed with a patent-pending fitting system, the company promises that you’ll get an edge-to-edge fit, and won’t even notice it.

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Starting at $169, Secretlab Skins certainly are not the cheapest accessory. However, it can breathe a new lease of life into a damaged chair. Now, you choose from themed designs ranging all the way from The Witcher to Cyberpunk 2077, Game of Thrones, and more.

Secretlab boasts that skins also gives you “doubled softness” in addition to making use of their SoftWeave Fabric, which is also used on their gaming chairs.

They now tout the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 as the most future-proof gaming chair around, and you really can’t argue with that. You can replace the armrests, which were not easily removable on previous models. Now, Secretlab Skins brings an extra dimension to that. Cat ruin your gaming chair? Slap a skin on it. You’ll get a new design, and keep things new and fresh all the while. You will have to pay a bit out of pocket, however.

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We’re been testing one of these skins for a while, and will let you know very soon if they are worth the cost of entry or not.

Do Secretlab Skins work with older models?

Unfortunately, it seems like Secretlab Skins are only available for their Titan Evo 2022. Meaning that users who might have an older chair are left in the cold. It could be seen as Secretlab urging customers to upgrade their older gaming chairs.

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