Mark Cuban wants to see Marques Brownlee guest-star on Shark Tank

MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee on the left, Mark Cuban laughing on the rightYouTube: Flagrant/Instagram: mcuban

Billionaire Entrepreneur Mark Cuban has mentioned that he wants to see Marques Brownlee guest-star alongside him on the Shark Tank TV show, but there’s a catch.

Over the years, Marques ‘MKBHD’ Brownlee has skyrocketed in popularity on Youtube with his coverage of just about everything related to the tech space.

Running a YouTube channel with over 17 million followers is very much like running a business, so it would make sense for Marques to invest in other businesses to share his knowledge.

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In a July 6, 2023, Q&A on Threads, MKBHD was quick to ask Mark Cuban whether or not he can guest-star on Shark Tank and the response he received has left fans excited.

MKBHD wants to guest-star on Shark Tank

Widely known for his appearance on the TV show Shark Tank, where budding entrepreneurs go to pitch their products, Mark Cuban is also quite popular on social media platforms like Twitter and Threads.

He asked his 226k followers on Threads to “Ask me anything,” on June 6, 2023, and Marques was quick to ask his question.

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“Can I be a guest Shark?” he asked. Mark replied that he would be interested in having him on the show, but it’s not his call.

Cuban said: “I’m good with it, but not my call. You have to reach out to the producers. Good Luck!”

Marques Brownlee conversation with mark cuban on threadsThreads: mcuban, mkbhd

Fans were quick to flood the comments on the post, sharing how much they’d like to see the infamous YouTuber appear on the show.

“Now that’s an episode I would watch,” one user replied.

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Another fan said: “Had this thought a long time ago. Let’s make it happen.”

“That would be pretty cool to see haha,” a third commented.

It’s clear that fans would be excited to see Marques appear on the iconic show, but it’s unknown when or if it will ever happen.

MKBHD isn’t the first YouTuber to show interest in appearing on Shark Tank, either. Back in 2022, Logan Paul asked Kevin O’Leary about becoming a guest shark as well.

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