Landon Barker gets tattoo of Charli D’Amelio’s eye and fans are confused

landon-barker-tattoos-charli-damelio-eye-armInstagram: landonasherbarker

Landon Barker has divided the internet after getting a tattoo of girlfriend Charli D’Amelio’s eye on his arm, sparking criticism from fans over their relationship status.

Landon Barker, son of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, notably got together with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio back in summer 2022 following her breakup from ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson.

It’s been almost a year since these two went public after they were first spotted on a date night by paparazzi. Since then, the couple have made no bones about their love for one another — even in the midst of breakup rumors and viral cheating allegations.

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However, some fans are raising a proverbial eyebrow at this pairing, especially after Landon’s latest display of affection toward his internet-famous girlfriend.

Charli D'Amelio and Landon BarkerINSTAGRAM: CHARLIDAMELIO
Charli and Landon first went public in summer 2022.

Landon Barker tattoos Charli D’Amelio’s eye on his arm

On June 1, Landon Barker posted a series of pics to his Instagram stories showing himself getting another tattoo.

At first, he merely teased that he was getting some new ink; but after showing off his latest body art, some fans are a little weirded out. It turns out that Landon actually got a tattoo of Charli’s eye on his right bicep. Talk about dedication!

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landon-charli-tattoo-eyeInstagram: landonasherbarker
Landon’s latest ink is his own girlfriend’s eye.

Charli also posted an image of her boo’s tat to her Insta stories. Thus far, it’s not certain exactly how she feels about her man’s latest tattoo, but she clearly felt it was important enough to post about.

landon-charli-eye-tattooInstagram: charlidamelio
Charli also shared her man’s new tattoo to social media.

This latest step in their relationship has left some fans feeling a bit awkward. Many commenters have claimed that Landon will regret his tattoo if they ever break up, while others think it’s just too much overall.

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“It’s gonna end soon, it’s the tattoo curse,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “Whenever influencer couples or someone in the relationship gets a tattoo of the other one, or matching tattoos, the relationship always ends after.”

“This is the worst thing you can do. Tattoos are cursed,” another said, also referencing the ‘tattoo relationship curse.’ “And they are 19, so young. Relationships don’t last forever at that age, but the gesture is cute.”

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This isn’t the only thing about their relationship that’s had fans doing a double-take; in fact, Landon freaked out the entire internet after filming a TikTok focused on his girlfriend’s foot in May. Say what?

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