Charli D’Amelio under fire for not crediting rapper on TikTok clip

Charli D'Amelio under fire for not crediting rapper Lady LeshurrTikTok: ladyleshurr, charlidamelio

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is facing backlash after failing to credit British rapper Lady Leshurr, whose song she used in one of her videos.

Charli D’Amelio is one of TikTok’s most famous content creators. Up until 2022, she held the title of the app’s most-followed user before being dethroned by fellow influencer Khaby Lame.

However, she’s still a force to be reckoned with as the platform’s second most-followed creator — and as a result of this, her videos garner quite a bit of attention, no matter what they’re about.

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One of her most recent lip-syncing videos has come under the microscope. In the clip, Charli mouths lyrics to British rapper Lady Leshurr’s viral song, ‘Queen’s Speech 4.’

Although the clip seems simple enough, the song’s artist didn’t take too kindly to Charli using her track without appropriately crediting her. While TikTok will often display songs that are used in videos, Charli’s TikTok simply links to an ‘original sound,’ which takes users to a page of other TikTokers using said ‘original sound’ from Lady Leshurr’s song.

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Leshurr called out Charli in a pointed video on April 30, writing in a caption: “POV: The newer generation will never know who sings this song eventually, ’cause my name will be wiped from history.”

Commenters were quick to lash out at Charli in the comments underneath her TikTok for failing to credit Leshurr… but now, it looks like the tables have turned.

Rapper faces backlash after calling out Charli D’Amelio

Plenty of other netizens have taken issue with Lady Leshurr’s views on the subject of appropriate accreditation, with many claiming that TikTok’s song-crediting culture has changed.

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“Since when do we tag who sings songs?” one user asked. “Y’’all overreacting.”

“So if I use a song from The Weeknd, I have to @ him?” another asked.

“Y’all are so pressed about credit, is she supposed to give credit to every person’s song that she uses?” another chimed in. “Is this song a big deal?”

charli song credit tiktok responses copyTikTok: charlidamelio
Commenters were quick to defend Charli D’Amelio after the influencer was called out by rapper Lady Leshurr.

Lady Leshurr uploaded a response video to all the hullabaloo surrounding her viral callout, in which she defended her position and notably called Charli “the younger generation’s Kardashian.”

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“She’s a massive influencer, okay?” Leshurr said. “And she’s the younger generation’s Kardashian, let’s say, for you TikTokers. Okay? When people were sending me that video, my name [on videos] contains ‘Lady Leshurr.’ It didn’t say that at all. It’s only when I appealed it and it got sent to the TikTok Head of Music …it will never be that way for Drake, or The Weeknd, or Beyonce.”

For now, it looks like Charli hasn’t responded to the drama surrounding her usage of Lady Leshurr’s song, and Leshurr has yet to make another video on the topic at the time of writing.

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This is just the latest conversation to crop up around Charli after she was accused of ‘copying’ her big sister Dixie D’Amelio for wearing a short, blonde wig to Coachella.

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