Charli D’Amelio accused of “copying” Dixie with dramatic new hairstyle

fans outraged after charli d'amelio changes her hair 1Instagram: dixiedamelio, charlidamelio

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio just made a major change to her dark brown hair — but fans aren’t here for her latest fashion statement, with some accusing her of “copying” her big sis, Dixie.

Charli D’Amelio is one of TikTok’s most prominent content creators, who reigned as the site’s most-followed personality for years before being dethroned by Khaby Lame in 2022.

Throughout her career as an internet superstar, Charli has remained fairly consistent with her style, always boasting dark, brown hair that she’s worn both long and shoulder-length.

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However, the TikTok monarch recently made a massive change to her look… and it’s safe to say that fans aren’t liking it.

Charli D’Amelio divides fans with shocking new hairstyle

On April 16, Charli posted a series of photos to Instagram showing that she’d chopped off her dark locks in favor of a bright blonde bob. She posed wearing a two-piece black outfit at Coachella, showing off a different side to one of TikTok’s favorite influencers that fans hadn’t seen before.

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Her post is filled with comments from disgruntled fans upset at her latest fashion risk, with some even accusing the TikToker of copying her older sister, Dixie, who famously buzzed her hair short after her breakup with Noah Beck last year.

“The old hair was better,” one disgruntled user wrote.

“She copied her sister again,” another said.

“You just ruined it, tbh,” yet another commented.

“No, you don’t suit blonde, sorry,” another advised.

Comments about charlis new hair colorInstagram: charlidamelio
It’s safe to say that fans and even fellow influencers aren’t loving Charli’s new look.

Still, others are hoping it was just a wig — a similar sentiment that fans had back when Addison Rae donned a pixie-cut wig for a photoshoot earlier this year.

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This isn’t the first time Charli has taken a risk with her hair; she also cut her hair short in the past, and has worn different streaks of color in her locks from time to time. For now, it’s unclear if Charli actually took the plunge and dyed her hair or if she’s just wearing a wig… but either way, fans are not here for the star’s latest fashion statement.