TikTok star Digitalprincxss’ arrest footage released amid child neglect accusations

TikToker Marissa Cloutier DigitalprincxssInstagram: digitalprincxss

TikTok star Marrisa ‘Digitalprincxss’ Cloutier’s arrest footage has been uploaded to YouTube amid ongoing accusations of child abuse after her son was found wandering outside after being left alone.

Back in August 2021, TikTok star DigitalPrincxss was arrested after her child was found wandering around outside after being left home alone.

Just weeks later, Marissa sparked backlash after deciding to upload a statement about the situation onto her OnlyFans account behind a paywall.

Charges against the TikToker have since been dropped, but footage of the night she was arrested has now been uploaded to YouTube.

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Digitalprincxss’ arrest footage released

Uploaded by EWU Bodycam on YouTube, the video, showing bodycam footage from the police that were at Marissa’s house, has been viewed over a million times.

In the clip, viewers can see a police officer talking to a man attempting to find a phone number to contact Marissa, who then called the TikToker’s mom. After hearing what had been going on, Cloutier’s mom was left stunned.

“I’m shocked that she did that. I can’t believe it. Where’s her nanny? I don’t know where the nanny is. I can’t believe she made that decision. That’s so not her,” said Marissa’s mom.

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The footage also shows that, after the police decided whether or not to arrest Marissa, they gave her the chance to go inside to say goodnight to her son. On the way out, the TikTok star made a comment to her Aunt.

“I love you, Auntie, I’m sorry I made a mistake,” she said.

DigitalPrincxss hasn’t commented on the situation since the bodycam footage was uploaded to YouTube, but we’ll be sure to update this article if she does.

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