This MacBook Air Prime Day laptop deal is absolutely unbeatable

MAcBookj Air M1 Prime Day laptop on blue background

Looking for a brand-new laptop this Prime Day? You’re in luck, the MacBook Air M1 has been discounted to its cheapest-ever price.

This Prime Day MacBook Air M1 laptop deal is incredible. We review a lot of laptops, and whenever one crosses our desk, we have to ask the question: Is it really better than an Apple silicon laptop?

Now, the prices for the older M1 MacBook Air have started to tumble, and it’s reached its lowest-ever price in this unmissable Prime Day laptop deal. The 13-inch model might not be the latest and greatest, but it is still, thin, light, and powerful.

You can save 25% off of the laptop’s $999 MSRP, making it the cheapest we’ve ever seen an Apple silicon laptop device. But, it’s likely that this deal will not last forever, so act fast.

Apple MacBooks are the best laptops, even today

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There are a lot of Windows laptops on the market, but nothing manages to come close to the efficiency and power of an Apple Silicon-powered device. The MacBook Air M1 might be a couple of years old, but that does not mean that it has lost any of its heft when it comes to the performance of the system.

These are some of the best laptops ever created, with stellar battery life and enough horsepower under the hood to get almost any task done with ease. You might even be able to run Diablo 4 on it, thanks to Apple’s newest commitment to gaming at WWDC 2023.

This laptop will be likely to last you for years, even if it’s slightly older. Boasting that classic Apple aluminum construction and more, this chassis is thin, light, and still has a huge battery that will last your all day. Windows laptops have not yet caught up to the might of Apple silicon, and it really shows.

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