How to download Threads: Instagram’s Twitter alternative

Threads ticket next to instagram and Twitter logo

Do you want to know how to download the Threads application on your mobile? Don’t worry; this guide has all the relevant Threads app download links and details you’d ever need.

Threads is Meta’s bold move to counter Twitter. This new social media platform had been in the works for some time and was made publicly available on July 6.

With over 100 million users worldwide, Threads is the fastest-growing application, outnumbering the AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT.

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Threads is a text-first platform that is extremely simple to use. Since it’s deeply linked with Instagram, its user numbers have grown significantly. If you’ve not joined Threads already, the guide below will help you download relevant apps on your smartphone.

Once you have signed up, you can follow this guide to understand how to use Threads, get verified on Threads, and change your username on Threads.

How to download the Threads app on iOS

Threads App on iOSDexerto

Since the app is now available on the App Store, you can download it using the link below and proceed to sign up for the platform.

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How to download the Threads app for Android

Like iOS, there is a dedicated Threads app for Android phones and tablets. You can download it by following the link below.

Is the Threads app free to use?

The app is free to use, and Instagram doesn’t charge you to download the app or sign up for Threads. Beware that many other apps, known as Thread or Threads, are already available on the Play Store and App Store. So make sure you download the official Threads app by following the links above.

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Is there a Threads web app?

Threads logo on a Macbook on the Threads Website's splash page as a backgroundDexerto

Threads is only available for download and use on your iOS or Android devices. Though Threads has a website, it only guides you down the relevant mobile app.

There is a workaround to use Threads on Windows 11 PCs. You can follow the interlinked guide to use Threads on a PC.

Do you need an Instagram account to use Threads?

Yes, you need to have an Instagram account to join Threads. Not only do your account details get automatically carried over from Instagram to Threads, but your Instagram login credentials double up as Threads login details as well.

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Moreover, you can’t have separate Instagram and Threads user IDs. If you want to alter your Threads user name, you’ll have to change your Instagram ID as well.

Is the Threads app safe?

Thread app login screen on a smartphoneDexerto

Threads is like any other social media platform and is safe to use. Though you must download the Threads mobile application from the official source only. There are multiple applications with the same name on the app repositories, so be watchful when you download the app.

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Moreover, if you download the Threads app apk from the internet to sideload it on your Android phone or tablet, be warned. There is a possibility that it could carry malware.

The best way to identify the correct Threads app is by cross-checking the makers’ names. The publisher’s name on the Play Store and App Store reads as Instagram, Inc.

Lastly, Threads collects a certain amount of user data and requires permissions, including user location, payment details, message access, internet access, gallery access, and more. Even Instagram requires the same permissions and user data. If you already use Instagram, you have granted permission to collect this information.

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