Gulikit’s new thumb sticks will make Joycon drift a thing of the past

Gulikit Switch JoyconsGulikit

Gulikit has just released its new hall effect Joycon thumbstick replacements that will rid your Nintendo Switch controllers of the dreaded Joycon drift.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 2017, users have suffered thumbstick drift on their Joycons. As the issue arose, the company published a help page on its website.

Alongside the help page, Nintendo also announced that they are willing to fix broken Joycons for free.

But now, Gulikit has come to the rescue with new hall effect thumb stick replacements that will make Joycon drift a thing of the past — if you’re confident enough to replace them yourself.

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Gulikit Joycon hall effectGulikit

Gulikit’s thumbsticks take care of Joycon drift

When traditional thumbsticks are used, they make contact with a mechanical switch that eventually wears down enough to cause drift.

Hall effect joysticks are activated when a magnetic field interferes with an electrical conductor meaning there is no physical wear and tear, reducing stick drift.

Gulikit has made a name for itself in full-size controllers, but now they’re here to fix the dreaded Nintendo Switch Joycon drift.

On top of the hall effect design, Gulikit’s Joycon repair kit features replaceable stick caps and lower power consumption for more handheld battery life.

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If you’re confident enough to tear apart your Joycons to make the swap or to repair a broken set yourself, the full repair kit featuring all the tools needed to do it is available for just $30.

While you’re waiting for them to arrive, you can check out our Tech and Gaming sections for more news.

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